IN TOUCH WEEKLY – Bachelor Alums Jesse and Ann Csincsak Talk About Love, Life, and Their Growing Family (EXCLUSIVE)

Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders’ love story is not a conventional one — they first met at a Bachelor reunion cruise after both failing to find love on reality TV! But since tying the knot in 2010, the two have welcomed three kids together, moved to Scottsdale, AZ, and joined forces as partners with Nerium International!

And now they’re sitting down with In Touch to discuss what their life is like now and how they make their marriage work (hint — it’s not easy!).

When you originally went on the Bachelorette did you think that you would ever truly find love?

I honestly went on thinking I was gonna go home on night one! The experience on the show taught me a lot about love and what I really wanted in a life partner and lover. For anyone considering taking a spot on the show, you probably won’t leave the show in a relationship, but you will leave with a good education on what qualities you want in your next relationship.

When did you realize that you were in love with Ann?

When Ann and I met on the Bachelor reunion cruise I hosted she was one of the few girls that wouldn’t even talk to me. I guess every guy wants what he can’t have. It took me a whole day to get her to have a conversation with me and a whole other year and a half to get her to marry me. But after that it was true love and her were are married with three wonderful children and a booming business.

 Csincsak Family of 5 family photoshoot

Whats your advice to couples wondering if they have found their soulmate?

Relationships aren’t easy! It’s not always gonna be champagne and roses. Ask yourself these questions:

  • When your not with that person do you think about them at least once a day?

  • Is the way that they treat their parents the way that you want to be treated in 20 years as in most cases the way people treat their parents is the way they will eventually treat you.

  • Is your life better with this person it in?

Thats the best advice I have.

Now that you have three kids how do you guys keep your relationship fresh?

We try to do a lot of date nights!! No long term relationship is ever easy they all come with plenty of ups and downs. You just have to find the happy medium and make sure your showing one another that you care. Doing nice little things for each other always seems to be a good route Everyone likes to know they are cared for, so little notes, phone calls just to say “I love you” or “I am thinking about you” goes a very long way.

Whats the biggest difference going from two kids to three — is there any difference?

The biggest difference is that the days of one on one, man to man defense are over! The middle child seems to be the tough one to keep in control — you will have the baby sleeping in your arms and the oldest doing homework and you think, all is good then you hear the middle child screaming saying the toilet is clogged and you look and yep it sure is clogged with a whole role of toilet paper. parenthood adds a whole new element to romance and love.

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