Brad and Emily have already broken up once, but on ‘After The Final Rose’ they both said they are engaged again! But is Emily being serious about her feelings for Brad?

It’s clear that Brad Womack has finally fallen head over heels for a girl … Bachelor winner Emily Maynard. BUT when the couple was reunited on the After The Final Rose special edition on March 14, some serious questions arose about the status of their relationship. Emily told Brad that she’s not ready to move to Austin or get married, but she definitely considers herself engaged to him and eventually sees them as a married couple. She’s just not sure when. Now, former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak — who went through a similar situation with DeAnna Pappas — questions whether Emily is being real.


“It was fun for Emily, but I don’t think she was really serious about it,” Jesse tells exclusively. “Just watching her and her attitude last night …. Brad is 38 — he’s not looking to date for 10 years.” And that’s what Emily seems to think is going to happen!

“If you get engaged to him, you better be ready to marry him because he has been through the ringer,” says Jesse. “He’s done all the crap — he’s over it. He just wants to get married.”

Jesse has four reasons Emily and Brad won’t last:

  • The media digging up information about her past that she doesn’t want public. “Everybody has a past — it’s all about whats coming forward,” says Jesse. “She’s so worried about what her friends at home are saying.”
  • Brad’s past. “She can’t get over what happened on the show [Brad’s affection towards other women] and in general,” says Jesse. “It freaks her out. Whenever she googles his name, it’s right there in front of her.”
  • Brad’s 14 years Emily’s senior. “She got pregnant at 18 with the guy she loved,” notes Jesse. “Emily never got to be her own person because she was taking care of her daughter. She never had time to go play.”
  • Their volatile fights. Emily’s concerned about how Brad communicates with her — and that his hot temper could be damaging to her relationship. But Jesse says she should know him by now. “Everybody has demons,” he says. “You never get to know somebody til you get mad. They had plenty of times to rendezvous. It’s not like she hasn’t had a chance to get to know him.” Is Emily making excuses?

BFFs — do you think Brad and Emily’s relationship is going to last?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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