So Recently my  sons DVD player died and he was missing his Baby Einstein Videos, so naturally I bought me a new one and gave him my old SONY Blu Ray Player. I did some research and since I am on the internet ALL HOURS of the day I looked into the Sony Blu Ray Player  / Google TV  and let me tell you I was impressed!

Since Ann & are always at home in the evenings due the the little guys sleeping hours, I figured this thing would come in handy and man was i right. It can browse the internet just like your computer but instead on your living room TV. yep thats right Jam on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube whatever you want or log in to your NetFlix account and watch a movie right on your TV all without having to get outta your favorite Chair or off the comfy couch!

For us living in Colorado the WEATHER plays God up here on what we wear or where we go and when.. so on my home page I have todays weather forcast for the Breckenridge Colorado Area and man it saves a ton of time looking up the news channel to try and listen to the weather report!

it has a 1080P HDMI HD video Output pretty standard but also has  a Fiber Optic Audio Output which alot of Blu Ray Players dont have.

Plug it right into your Internet router and on to the internet you go!

Also I was that guy who had way to many remotes well this thing can control everything YEP I SAID EVERYTHING !!

It runs my DIsh Network Cable Box, My Harmon Kardon Amplifier that controls my surround sound & is my Blu Ray Player what more could you want? No more hooking your computer up to the TV to show your friends your Latest YOU TUBE video just log on with the Google TV.

such a good gift for anyone who loves the internet I PROMISE!!