“The Bachelor” 2012 aired the premier on ABC tonight. Jesse Csincsak is a past winner from season 4 of the show and was willing to share his opinions of the first episode. What did he think of Ben Flajnik as “The Bachelor.

Jesse was really impressed with how Ben Flajnik handled things. He thought he was real and loved his comments. It looks like this is going to be a great season of the show.

The girls that made a great entrance impressed Jesse Csincsak. He said that Lindzi riding up on a horse and Brittney bringing her grandma both seemed like the producers set them up, but they made for great television. Monica seemed like she was more into the girls than Ben, but he said this makes for great drama and they were probably asked to do it. This show will do anything they can to keep the girls at each other’s throats the entire season.

A few of his favorites on the premier were Kacie B from Tennessee and Amber T. He loved how Amber could handle a shotgun, but it was too bad she got sent home on the first night. He said that they send home the girls who won’t be produced first and that is why his wife Ann Lueders Csincsak was sent home the first night on her season. Ann getting sent home was great since she met Jesse from the show and they have a beautiful son Noah together.

“The Bachelor” 2012 airs every Monday on ABC. Who do you think will win Ben Flajnik’s heart?

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