Bachelor Pad Beatdown is back and Richard Mathy has another countdown ready for us all! Who are the top 3 people to have a 180 in personalities on the show?

Richard lets us know in this video who are the top 3 people to do a 180 while on the show. Their first time on the show they did not look great to the public, but when they came back again we got to know the real person.

The #3 person on his list for Bachelor Pad Beatdown is David Good. When David was on ‘The Bachelorette,’ he was a bad boy and not a man code man. David came back on ‘Bachelor Pad’ and showed us that he was a nice guy.

The #2 person for Bachelor Pad Beatdown preview is Natalie Getz. Our first impression of her was that she was all about jewelry and bling. She is not this way at all. On ‘Bachelor Pad,’ we saw that she is just one of the guys.

The #1 person to have a 180 change is Michelle Money. We saw her as a bit crazy on the ‘The Bachelor’ with Brad Womack, but Michelle has now proved to us she is not that way at all. Michelle is sweet and adorable! Fans love her and the loss of her father to cancer has broken hearts everywhere.

Don’t miss ‘Bachelor Pad Beatdown’ hosted by Jesse Csincsak on It will air on Tuesday night August 23, 2011 at 6:00 PST.

You can watch the preview on Youtube.

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