Most of the former Bachelor contestants are watching Ben Flajnik’s journey to find love and it seems that they are all against Courtney, except for Michelle Money who was the villain on her season. Former winner Jesse Csincsak is also watching each episode and he finds that Courtney’s naked stunts, whether it’d be the skinny dipping or the tribal outfit, are red flags and Ben should be running for the hills.

Jesse spoke out to Hollywood Life after seeing last night’s episode and he thinks that Courtney’s behavior has gone too far. It really is surprising that Ben isn’t picking up on her odd, yet manipulative behavior. So what makes Jesse think Courtney is sketchy? Well, it is her constant need to be naked to get Ben’s attention. “Courtney [always] getting naked is a red flag,” Jesse explains. “The fact that she’s trying to get in Ben’s pants — what girl do you want to take home to mom that acts like a stripper in front of 15 million people?” And Jesse’s got a point – the world will watch as Ben will take home the women on the last few episodes of The Bachelor.

“Take Kacie or Linzi and run,” advises Jesse.

Sure, this is a little late considering the filming has wrapped and Ben has probably proposed already. Heck, he may even be engaged …or single. Maybe his family realized that Courtney wasn’t the right girl for him. Since Jesse is a winner, perhaps Ben should call him up to get some advice on how to pick the right girl in case it doesn’t work out for him.

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