Bachelor Reunions happen every year and they are hosted by Jesse Csincsak. Here you can see some unseen footage about these reunions and what goes down!

In this video, Jesse even talks about his break up with Deanna Pappas and how hard it was dealing with the entire world knowing about it. He still gets emails about it, but Jesse is happy and married to Ann Csincsak now. The two have a son together named Noah.

He said you don’t really get to know the person on the show as well as you do after the show when you spend alone time together off camera. He doesn’t sugar coat things and could care less what people think about him.

Jesse sets up these Bachelor Reunions for everyone to get together. He says that these people become your family. Many of his best friends are guys he met on this show.

Jesse says this show can bring people together to find true love without a doubt. Several people met on the show, but others have met at reunions. A lot of great relationships have come out of this show.

The end of the video shows everyone out in Denver, Colorado on snowmobiles and having a good time. Everyone is also hanging out, eating, and having fun in their pajamas.

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