Ann Csincsak and Katie Meyer are about ready to open their vintage clothing store in Breckenridge, Colorado. Just wait until see you who all will be at this opening! A few weeks ago, Ann let fans know she was opening the store and that the grand opening would be held on November 12, 2011.

Ann Csincsak and Katie Meyer now have some great details on the opening. If you want a chance to meet reality stars from The Bachelor and other shows you won’t want to miss this one. The confirmed guests are Natalie Getz – Bachelor 13 / Bachelor Pad 1 Co Winner, Erica Rose – Bachelor Rome / Bachelor Pad 2 / VH1 Cut off, Jeff Medolla – Wine Maker / Bachelorette 7 = THE MASK / Nikki Kaapke – Bachelor 13 / Bachelor Pad 1, Eliza Orlins – Survivor, Richard Mathy – Bachelorette 4, John Hardesty – Bachelorette 5, Kirsten Pittman – Bachelor 14, Mark Huebner – Bachelorette 5, and Suzie Williams – Bachelor 5. Of course her husband Jesse Csincsak of Season 4 will be there as well. They will also have surprise guests showing up from the new season of The Bachelor with Ben Flajnik and a few people from Survivor: South Pacific.

This event is being sponsored by Popchips and Freaky Muscato. Another great sponsor they have is Paragon Lodging. They are giving everyone a place to stay at Rubywood which is compliments of Paragon Lodging. You can check out a picture below of this amazing place.

Don’t miss the grand opening of Vintage Sweet & Chic on November 12, 2011 in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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