On Episode 6 of “The Bachelor,” bachelor Ben Flajnik and his nine remaining ladies go to Panama… where there are some tender moments as well some outrageous ones with… you guessed it– Courtney… who finds a way to go topless. GalTime’s getting the sccop from Bachelorette alum Jesse Csincsak

GT: Ben takes Kacie B. on a helicopter ride to a deserted island. Thoughts on that date? Is there a spark? She confesses she had an eating disorder as a teen… was that important to their relationship?

Jesse: Getting on a helicopter on “The Bachelor” is like seeing a crackhead in Harlem– it’s an everyday thing! As for Kacie… I liked that she brought up day to day activities like grocery shopping and hanging with friends. Those are the real things you’re gonna do once the show is over– not flying here and flying there.

I also love that Kacie told Ben about your eating disorder. Kacie– don’t let anyone give you crap about it. No one is perfect and everyone has had issues at one time in their life. Keep keepin it real girl!

GT: What did you think about the group date/boat ride in the Panamanian jungle… is that romantic?

Jesse: I have never seen a romantic group date and if I have to see Courtney take off her clothes one more time I might vomit!

GT: The group travels through some rough water and ends up with a local tribe at Embera Village. Ben and the group go local– donning loincloths and beaded bikini tops– and they take part in tribal dancing. Of course Courtney goes topless… reaction? 

Jesse: Courtney will do anything and I mean anything to get to the next step in her Hollywood career.

GT: Emily apologizes to Courtney for speaking badly about her in Park City and Courtney is less than gracious… what do you think about all this?

Jesse: I think Emily is a doll for being so kind to her.

GT: Did you feel the salsa dancing date with Blakely and Rachel was sexy or sad?

Jesse: It was a date with Blakely and her twins. She needs to keep those covered up and focus on getting to know someone.

GT: What’s up with Blakely’s scrapbook?

Jesse: Creepy… you have known him for a month, not a year!

GT: Casey S. gets sent home after she admits still being in love with her ex… good move?

Jesse: Every guy or girl who has ever come on this show has ex back home, and probably had some sort of feelings for them.

GT: Who are your top two?

Jesse: My top two are Kacie B and Lindzi C.

GT: How is Ben doing in general? Is he a “good” bachelor? Would you have done anything differently?

Jesse: I think Ben is going with the flow and it comes across boring! I really hope someone gives Courtney what’s coming to her at a reunion– or a tell all would be PRICELESS!

All opinions expressed are those of Jesse Csincsak. Catch “The Bachelor” Mondays on ABC.

Jesse Csincsak was the winner of Season 4 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” Jesse is also as a professional snowboarder and TV/Radio Host.