GalTime caught up with “Bachelorette” alum Jesse Csincsak (pictured below) to get the scoop on the latest addition of “The Bachelor.” You may remember him as the snowboarder who competed for DeAnna Pappas’s heart on Season 4 of “The Bachelorette.” Now happily married to Season 13 “Bachelor” alum Ann Lueders Csincsak, Jesse shared his thoughts about this week’s episode.

GT: What are your thoughts about this season of “The Bachelor” so far?

Jesse: I think Ben (Flajnik) has two or three good girls but the pickings are slim.

GT: One woman took herself out of the running, 26 year old Brittney Schreiner from Colorado opted out of the competition… thoughts?

Jesse: She probably realized it’s gonna be real hard to find love like this and she pulled the plug! 

GT: Shawntel Newton, the Funeral Director from the Brad Womack season, showed up to take her place– what’s your reaction? 

Jesse: I think these girls knew that none of them are any competition for Shawntel and so they all showed how insecure they are. Shawntel is rad!

GT: Do you think it was fair for Ben to send Shawntel home so quickly? Was it fair that she was even there?

Jesse: I think Ben was scared of what the other girls would do! And I think all’s fair in love and war– if these girls can’t handle Shawntel saying she likes Ben, then what will they do when the show is over and fans are hitting on him?

GT: One woman (Courtney Robinson) stated she would leave if Ben gave Shawntel a rose… what do you think of that strategy? What does that make you think about her?

Jesse: I think this girl is all talk.

GT: Who do you think would be the best matches for Ben so far?

Jesse: I like Lindzi, Kasey B and Jamie.

All opinions expressed are those of Jesse Csincsak. Catch “The Bachelor” Mondays on ABC.

Jesse Csincsak was the winner of Season 4 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” Jesse is also as a professional snowboarder and TV/Radio Host.

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