ABC’s “The Bachelorette” bowed for the eighth season on Monday, and single mom Emily Maynard, who broke off her engagement to former “Bachelor” Brad Womack last year, was faced with 25 fresh faces – one of who may be lucky enough to put a ring on it by the end of the season.

Jesse Csincsak, winner of the fourth season of “The Bachelorette” and married to “The Bachelor” contestant Ann Lueders, is FOX411 Pop Tart’s resident expert in all things “Bachelor”-related, so we got his take on episode numero uno.

POP TARTS: Season premiere… interesting enough for ya?

Jesse Csincsak: Last night seemed very short to me. I felt like we got to meet all the guys, gave out a first impression and then we went right into a rose ceremony… no drama, no smack talking.

POP TARTS: You’ve said before you aren’t a huge fan of Emily. Why is that?

JC: I am just having trouble believing the things that are coming out of her mouth since no more than six months ago she was on camera with Chris Harrison saying how much she hated cameras and the media and the limelight! Now all of a sudden she gets a nice fat check from production and she is the Bachelorette?

Okay that’s fine; no biggie lots of people would be the Bachelorette for a boat load of money. But then let’s not pretend that love is the number one reason you came on the show. It is actually number two.  Money is number one and since nobody wants to end up alone, we will call having a guy to share your $250K a close number two. Sound fair?

POP TARTS: Alrighty then! Now onto the guys… who was your favorite contestant?

JC: Jef, yes that’s Jef with one F. He is the CEO of a water company and came in on his skateboard being towed by the limo! I loved the entrance as I thought it was original and didn’t look like he was trying too hard.

POP TARTS: Who did you feel most sorry for?

JC: Kalon, the guy who came in last on the helicopter. I think the production company is setting him up to be just like Bentley from Ashley Hebert’s season, season seven.

I also think it may only be only a matter of time before a contestant who is wealthy like Bentley or Kalon end up suing the production company for defamation of character for the bad edit they get on the show.

POP TARTS: Speaking of entrances, who rocked and who tanked?

JC: The cleverest entrance goes to Brent who has six kids. He was very genuine and rolled up with a name tag, I thought that was super original and he seemed very kind. The worst entrance goes to Randy, a marketing manager. I hope his marketing ideas aren’t as bad as this idea of dressing like an old lady.

POP TARTS: What’s something audiences might not know about “The Bachelorette”?

JC: Everyone always asks me what the one thing nobody knows about the show is… Well, on night one “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” pick their final four. That’s right. Think about it – filming starts a 8pm and stops at 6am and you’re telling me if you were in a room with 25 guys for 10 hours you couldn’t pick four people to travel the globe with for the next 6 weeks and get to know better?

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