It was week two on “The Bachelorette,” so Fox411’s Pop Tarts column once again checked in with season four winner, Jesse Csincsak, for his special insight regarding single mom Emily Maynard, her (many) men, and said contestants’ cookie-baking and slow dancing beneath the moonlight skills.

POP TARTS: What do you think? How entertaining was the group date, complete with a goofy talent show involving Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy?

Jesse Csincsak: I am not gonna lie. I felt like I was watching an episode of ‘The Muppets’! I mean, I get that ABC is owned by the Disney, but this was a little nutty.

PT: Last week you admitted you weren’t such an Emily fan… Is she growing on you?

JC: I kinda feel like Emily doesn’t let the guys finish talking… not sure if its good or bad yet.

PT: Highlight from this week’s episode?

JC: The highlight is that Jef the skater kid is killing it. Love that guy!

PT: And now to the low light…

JC: The low light is I am kind of feeling bad watching certain guys from this season get produced, like talking about a speech problem. Do the producers really feel that is something he needed to talk about?

(Prior to The Muppets comedy show, contestant Charlieadmitted that he was insecure about performing due to his speech-impaired disability, resulting from an accident he had falling off a balcony that almost cost him is life. Emily released him from having to participate in the show.)

PT: What did you think of the date with Ryan where they baked cookies for Emily’s daughter Ricki’s soccer team?

JC: Well, these guys better get used to it. That’s what having kids is all about, although it is kind of BORING to watch on a network show.

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