The season four winner of the hit ABC dating show and his wife, who was a contestant on season thirteen of “The Bachelor” (the two later met during a show reunion event and are now married with a son), make a special guest appearance this Wednesday on Discovery’s “American Guns,” after the issue of personal protection became a serious point of contention between them.

“We don’t fight over anything, except at first we disagreed about this. Both our cars were broken into and I knew that having guns was the best way to protect our family,” Jesse told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “But Ann didn’t grow up with guns, and she didn’t want guns in the house with our 15-month-old son.”

However, Ann’s change of heart happened after they drove to Denver to meet with Rich Wyatt, owner of the Gunsmoke store featured on the hit Discovery series, and he convinced her to take his three-day training course, which later became material for the show.

“It turned out to be a really great experience. I was not a gun person at all, but I knew we needed to find a compromise in our home,” she explained. “Even after the first day of shooting I was still a little hesitant, and a lot of women are hesitant, but the reason for that is a lack of education. Most of what we see today on the news about guns is very negative; we don’t see the positive side. Like any tool, guns need to be used correctly. And there are several safeties on our guns, so it isn’t as though a child can just pick it up and shoot.”

The Csincsaks now own more than half-a-dozen guns and not only carry one on them at all times, but also keep them in their cars and Colorado home. Jesse was even able to flex his skills in an emergency when his pregnant wife was out running, and was suddenly confronted by a pack of coyotes.

“I was able to pull a gun out and shoot some of them,” he said.

And now that Ann has done a “full 180” in regards to her thoughts on gun ownership, she has some words of wisdom for other women who balk at the idea of owning the weapons, as she once did.

“As women, we are very vulnerable, and carrying a gun is the best thing you can do to protect not only yourself, but your children, too. But it’s important to keep up your proficiency level, and really go out and learn how to use it properly,” she added. “It is in the Constitution that we have the right to carry guns, and no government should ever be able to tell us otherwise.”

The special episode of “American Guns” airs Wednesday June 27, at 9PM E/P

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