“Sales of firearms have exponentially increased, and the political attitude has a lot to do with that,” Rich Wyatt, the gun master and former police officer, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I personally wasn’t in favor of Barack Obama for President, but he has been a great salesman and his anti-gun stance has really helped us.”

“If you want to sell something in America, tell people they can’t have it, Wyatt explained. “People fear he’ll ban guns so they go out and buy a dozen of them… President Clinton sold a lot for us, but President Obama has sold more.”

Discovery will pull the trigger on season two this Wednesday, and viewers can expect reality television to hit reality television. Jesse and Ann Csincsak of “The Bachelor” fame paid a visit to Gunsmoke – but while Jesse wanted a firearm for the home, Ann was initially against the idea.

“If you want to sell something in America, tell people they can’t have it”

– Rich Wyatt

“We had her take a three-day class, a kind of shooting boot camp, and now she totally gets it,” Wyatt, who has been instructing for over 28 years, explained. “In fact, about 50 percent of people in the class are women. Now we have children, mothers, wives, sisters coming in, that’s something that has really changed in recent years.”

“American Guns” also features a thirteen-year-old Texan boy who dresses up in 1800s cowboy regalia. Wyatt is convinced he has what it takes to take Bob Munden’s record for being the ‘World’s Fastest Gun.’

And if you’re someone who is resistant to the liberties of gun ownership, Wyatt urges you to take a closer look.

“Try it before you make a decision, get educated on the issue. A gun is a tool, and when used inappropriately it is a terrible thing,” he added. “But guns don’t cause crime, guns stop crime. It’s our classic American heritage.”

“American Guns” Season 2 premieres Wednesday, April 25 at 9PM ET/PT.