The Discovery Channel is bringing out the big guns for the second season of the show “American Guns.”

The Wyatt family will cross paths with a  former winner of “The Bachelorette,” when Jesse Csincsak– the pro snowboarder who won DeAnna Pappas’ heart on the fourth season of the ABC dating show– stops by the Denver gun shop to get his wife some lessons on gun safety.

Jesse Csincsak says he and his wife Ann decided they needed to protect themselves and their 15-month old son, Noah, after a rash of robberies in their area.

Enter the gun shop, Gunsmoke, where the Wyatt’s reality show is filmed.

According to Csincsak, his wife was terrified of guns and didn’t want to have one in the house  until former police officer and Gunsmoke owner Rich Wyatt showed her how to properly  use a one  in a  three-day training course. By the end of her session, Ann Csincsak not only knew how to use a gun, but she was the fastest draw in the class. Now she can even dismantle a gun, clean it, and reassemble it. 

According to Rich Wyatt, the best piece of advice for someone who is afraid of guns is to learn more about them. He thinks most people’s fears about guns are due to an inaccurate perception.                       .

“The media gives false impressions of guns,” he says.

“American Guns” hopes to change that.

Rich Wyatt is joined on the show by his wife, Renee, a no nonsense lady who likes to wear a pistol in her boot. Their 22 year old son, Kurt, is a master engraver at Gunsmoke  and daughter Paige recently graduated from high school and now works in the shop full time.

According to a Discovery Channel press release, the second season of “American Guns” will showcase “historical, iconic and completely outrageous weapons” such as an axe gun, a double-barreled cannon, and a punt gun.

In the Philadelphia area, the “American Guns” season 2 premiere airs on April 25 at 9:00 p.m. on the Discovery Channel. The episode featuring the Csincsak family is slated to air in June.

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