About a decade ago, I became Facebook friends with a fishing boat captain at the Saltwater Safari company in Seward, Alaska, named Captain Bob. I explained that if I ever came to Alaska that I would go fishing with him. This year we tagged out of our Brown Bear Hunt a few days early, and I made right on my promise.

Meeting captain bob

I took Noah to Seward. We had a lovely meal right on the water at a place that was recommended by a local. We stayed on the boat docks in captain Bob’s lodge in the heart of Seward. It was our second night not In a tent, so it was nice to have a clean room and a hot shower. Bob’s place is super nice, especially by Alaska hotel standards. I would highly recommend, even if you go to Seward, not to fish, to stay at the saltwater safari lodge as you can’t beat the quality of the room and the views.

View from the Saltwater Safari Lodge

We got up early to meet captain bob and his nephew, captain bobby, and head out fishing. We had no idea what was about to happen on our trip!

What a day for the legend and the renegade

As we steamed out of the harbor, we were blown away by the area’s beauty! We have been on other fishing charters in Costa Rica and Hawaii, but nothing compares to Seward Alaska.

Beautiful Seward Alaska

The ride was about 45 mins to our first fishing spot. Once we got there, captain bobby started to explain the fishing limit rules for rockfish and how it all worked. I didn’t understand why until we got our rods in the water. We hit our rockfish limit in under 5 mins.

I grew up on lake Erie in Ohio, so I am very familiar with fishing and how it all works, but I have never caught so many fish in such a short period.

Our rockfish take for the day

After hitting our rockfish limit, it was off to our next honey hole to fish some more. Noah caught a couple of sharks and a stingray! I have never seen my son so happy! He was more excited he caught a shark than the week prior on our brown bear hunt.

Hooking some sharks

What happened next blew both captain bob and my minds! Neither one of us had seen anything like this in our lifetime! We noticed some killer whales swimming around the boat. We began to take photos and videos.

Once in a lifetime

As we watched the killer whales we noticed something wasn’t quite right! One whale had grabbed ahold of the legends anchor line and all the fishing gear in the water and began to drag the 60 ft boat all over the place like a little toy!

A wild ride

There wasn’t anything we could do watching from the renegade but take photos and videos. We watched as the crew began to cut the fishing gear loose and tried to winch up the anchor. We listened to the play by play over the radio as it all happened. About 3-5 mins later the whale let go of the anchor line and went back out into the open sea. Just after the whales swam away the eagles showed up and began to grab fish out of the water it was incredible to watch such a majestic bird hunt for food.

Bald eagle catching a fish

Eagle grabbing fish video

We finished our most epic day fishing ever, only to learn what we thought was the most epic day ever was a slow fishing day for captain bob! He said to come back in July, and I will show you good fishing! Captain bob also told us that in his 40 years on the water, he had never caught a whale and that we will probably never witness such a thing again! I can’t wait to return to Seward to fish with captain bob again!!!