Lime Creek vail colorado

If you didn’t already know, we lived in the Breckenridge and Vail, Colorado, areas for about 15 years. Noah and Charlotte were born in Colorado, so whenever we have the chance, we love to come back and visit.

Vail pass

This year for fall break, we decided on Vail for our weeklong vacation. The boys and I drove so we could bring our ATV and mountain bikes, and Ann and Charlotte flew in to meet us.

Shrine pass rd vail pass colorado

For our first ride, we decided to run Shrine Pass road from vail pass off of I-70 over to Red Cliff, Colorado. Ann followed us in the ATV, and that’s how we got back to the car. This jeep road is just under 11 miles long and a great warm up to a mountain biking adventure.

The Yamaha Viking 6

The Yamaha Viking seats six people and makes it super easy to access super hard-to-reach places in the mountains that maybe you wouldn’t want to take your truck or SUV. We just put our bike rack on the back and then mountain bike back down the mountain.

Boreas Pass Road Breckenridge

For our second ride, we chose Breckenridge, colorado; however, when we arrived, we realized I had left the keys to our high-tech lockable bike rack back at the hotel in vail 🤦‍♂️. So I called an old friend John G owner of mountain wave snowboard shop, and he got our bikes free so we could enjoy the outdoors !!

Aspen Alley trail from boreas pass rd

When John G was getting the bikes off our bike rack, he recommended we check out Aspen Alley for our ride today. If you spend anytime outdoors in Breckenridge, you have bumped into JG out there, so when he makes a recommendation, you take it !! We liked the ride so much we ran it twice!!

Click to see our ride on aspen alley
Family photo Frisco Colorado

The kids wanted to stop at the frisco adventure park so we did. Who knew that place was totally free ? Mountain biking skateboarding etc!! Was totally blown away!

Maroon lake at Maroon bell park Aspen colorado

We even got over to aspen to our favorite spot Maroon bell park. this year we did our usual family photo but we decided to mountain bike down the 6 miles back to the lama feeding spot at the ranch just outside aspen.

Mountain biking from the Maroon bells