Jesse Csincsak, who was the last man standing during Season #4 of ABC’s The Bachelorette, gave his take on current leading lady Ali Fedotowsky and Monday night’s fifth episode

of the Bachelorette in his exclusive blog with Is Ali being set up to get her heart broken? Read on!

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ON ALI: “Tonight Ali was showing DOUBT right off the bat if you ask me. I feel like the producers are setting her up for something big. (“I just hope he will love me back,” Ali said.) That’s the second time in two weeks I have noticed DOUBT in Ali finding a guy on the show. The first was in NYC when her hair stylist asked her and she hesitated before answering. Then with Kirk, Ali Keeps saying “I feel like hes hiding something from me.” Then with Frank it’s: ”I feel Like he’s non-existen.” I feel like that’s the producers way of setting Kirk & Frank up to get axed in the weeks to come. I personally wonder if any of these guys will be good enough for Ali or if she will keep using this I AM AFRAID NONSENSE and run for the hills ? I guess only time will tell.”

THE DATE SETUPS: “It was super funny for me to watch this writing poetry competition because I did almost the same exact contest on my season. This Competition is rigged and the producers have already picked who will win the contest before they ever wrote down one word (See my section on Kirk below).”

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KASEY: “I don’t know that I am buying the Kasey edit. I think Kasey is probably super gullible and the producers were able to convince this guy that everything he did was gonna make him look like her night in shining armor. And all he really wanted was to fall in love. I bet he is getting the Token Wes Hayden edit. PLEASE NOTE: Wes Hayden is a great guy. Also they built up Kasey to go home on his one-on-one date way before he even went on it. Kinda Sad. Sorry you got left out in the cold Kasey.”

JUSTIN CRUTCHY CRUTCH: “I don’t think this guy is being edited and might be as cheesy as the lines he has been dropping week after week. HEY JUSTIN – Please stop talking about yourself in third person. WHO DOES THAT ??? (“See my hand twitching”)- Yeah – (“That’s my adrenaline kicking in,” Justin said. ) OK GREAT well what happens when your adrenalin kicks in? DO YOU SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM – RANDY SAVAGE  hahhahahhahaha WOW!! I think Kasey said it – That’s what Justin does HE PUTS ON A SHOW !!!”

KIRK: “Sorry to burst your bubble buddy. YOUR POEM WAS GREAT but the producers on season #4 of the Bachelorette told me to get on one knee hold her hand and read my poem and I wouldn’t be sorry and it just so happens I WON the competition. MY POEM WAS TERRIBLE I later found out THE COMPETITIONS ARE RIGGED.”

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TY: “Loved the leadership on the group date with the horses. You even helped Chris L with his saddle WELL DONE.”

CHRIS L: “Love that you called your horse nuts and asked Ty to tighten your saddle. It was cool to see you out of your element. Then you killed it with the one-on-one time in the cave then again in the Lagoon NICE. It’s cool to listen to you talk about your family. Chicks live for that stuff.”

CRAIG R: “Hilarious you talking about how hot Ali looked getting into the lagoon and then saying I almost forgot to put on my swim trunks. Thanks for NOT forgetting bro. Well done making Ali Laugh at the Cocktail party YOU GOT A ROSE.”

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FRANK: “Dude don’t beat yourself up, you’re doing just fine, trust me. If you have to fight for her on a reality TV show the juice might not be worth the squeeze.”

ROBERTO: “This girl is afraid of you. SHE’S PLAIN SCARED that you wouldn’t normally walk up to her and talk to her and now that she’s on national TV you are game. THAT’S HER INSECURITY not yours man. DO YOUR THING. YOU ARE wooooooing the girls TRUST ME.”

CHRIS N: “The producers had their work cut out on his edit. It was two whole words. HELLO / GOODBYE. Probably a great guy and he refused to be produced.”


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