On last week’s episode of The Bachelorette, one of Desiree Hartsock’s suitors told another contestant that if he doesn’t find love with Hartsock, he’d love to be the next Bachelor. Needless to say, the comment, which was overheard by a few other contestants, didn’t sit well with the men and on Monday, the issue was spotlighted.

The contestant in question, named James, had been chatting with another man, named Mikey, after a fun night out. When they came back to their bachelor pad, they began chatting about their post-Bachelorette lives which is when James’ Bachelor aspirations came to the forefront. Once the entire house either heard or was informed about his questionable comments, which also included his excitement about cruising for chicks back in Chicago once filming had wrapped, they came to the realization that they needed to tell Hartsock.

While informing Hartsock of James’ comments was the logical thing to do, it was also a bit of a catch 22. As former Bachelorette star Jesse Csincsak tells us exclusively, “If you involve yourself in drama you will eventually get sent home, period.” Basically, they are damned if they do and they are damned if they don’t. If the men hid the issue from Hartsock, she’d eventually wonder why they weren’t upfront with her, but in telling her, they immediately seem desperate and gossipy.

It would be a real shame to see Hartsock end up with a guy who so clearly wasn’t completely committed to her, but on the show, it’s a lose, lose situation for the men when it comes to getting the villain booted. However, it does make for a great story line. In fact, it almost seems as if it’s some sort of set up. Think about it. From season to season, their seems to consistently be one villain who takes center stage and they almost always make it into the final 6. Could that really just be a coincidence? Jesse says, “No!”

“Producers peg someone for every season,” he explains. “I bet they even told James to talk about that with the other guys just to use it against him!” And once James said those magical words, “The Bachelor,” all hell broke loose and the guys were happy to see him eventually get sent home. Although the guys “usually sit back and let the villain self destruct,” James was a bit more complicated. Working in his favor was his charismatic ways and ability to cry in key situations. While the men anticipated that James would be sent home during the episode, he managed to hang on until the rose ceremony.

Jesse also dished on a couple of other ways that producers manipulate story lines. For instance, suitors are often tipped off with ideas while on dates with their Bachelorette. So, Drew dragging Hartsock from the dinner table during tonight’s one-on-one date for a romantic make-out session in a back alley in Barcelona may have simply been an instruction.

“When you are on a one on one date, producers will walk wherever u are looking (out of camera frame) with a piece of paper that says (kiss her) or whatever they want you to do!” Jesse claims.

On Hartsock’s second one-on-one date, she and Zak spent an afternoon at an art studio and while there, Zak snuck off for a moment before arriving back in nothing but a robe, some tighty whiteys, and what seemed to be a spray tan. Of the look, Jesse jokes, “They probably sent him out that morning for one telling him what to do on the date.”

As for Jesse’s time with the other guys on his season, he claims there was no Bachelor talk and definitely no talk about other ladies. “When I was on the show we all exchanged phone #s and emails but not to pick up chicks. We were literally like a bunch of frat guys! Friends for life!”

Jesse even had four of the men from his season as groomsmen at his wedding. “We became best of friends,” he says.