Jesse Csincsak, who was the last man standing during Season 4 of ABC’s The Bachelorette, offers his thoughts on current leading lady Ali Fedotowsky and week ten’s explosive Men Tell All episode, Ali’s teasing, and the guys’ mutual hatred for Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego, in his exclusive blog with

ALI: Wow you didn’t even remember parts of your dates with guys??? Hmmmm…RED FLAG.

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Remember now, Ali finished shooting this season over a month ago, which means she is either in hiding with her man or is single??? I guess we have to wait to find out until next week, but when you are in hiding this is how it works – a producer will call you and set up a day to fly you to a chosen city where they have a secret house rented for the weekend.

They can’t fly you to the same airport though because you might be seen together, so they fly you into separate airports in the same area then a handler from the production company picks you up and drives you to the house that production has rented for the weekend. You also can’t go grocery shopping together so they have that handler get you whatever you might need.

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Then again if she is single, which in my personal opinion she probably is, then she is probably waiting to get the call from her agent that her Dancing With The Stars contract has come in and her $100K signing bonus is in the mail, ha ha ha (JOKE???)

CRAIG R: You said it, you have no idea of what you’re getting yourself into…It’s the most anxiety-filled process ever, you would probably be better off smoking a carton of smokes a week for two months instead of putting yourself through all that stress. I loved the pranks they got you on bro, the ice bucket was priceless. Also it was pretty funny when you called out Justin and said he was just an “A-hole being an A-Hole.”

CHRIS N: The Phantom – that’s the perfect name for you buddy. I loved that you talked a bunch and dropped bombs on Justin as well. You seem like a really cool guy.

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WEATHERMAN: You always make me laugh bro…Loved the toilet paper scene you shot and you defending your decisions to tell Ali about Craig M.

JUSTIN ‘RATED R’ REGO: REALLY, REALLY DUMB! Doggy Dogg World??? Really Snoop??? Every guy on your season HATES YOU!!! WELL DONE!!!

You don’t own a car but you have Jessica, a girlfriend of two years, and Kimberly, a girlfriend of two months, and Ali, a girlfriend of two weeks??? Dude you’re life is a movie…Honestly, I am now wondering if all this drama even with the girlfriends was all set up??? There has just been too much press with all these different girls in pics, yada, yada, yada…LAME. However, maybe they could film a special with you wrestling Craig R. in the Olive Oil Ring??? Just an FYI buddy, the producers from this show are gonna BURY you in every edit they put together about your season…Congrats you are definitely the villain!!!

FRANK: Ali keeps calling you out about leaving so late in the game but she did the same thing on Bachelor Season 14, just for her JOB??? Or to be the next Bachelorette??? She also said that she thought she would spend the rest of her life with Frank, but then she goes on to say Frank leaving did not change her final decision???? Liar, liar NOT BUYING THE BS, sorry…

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KIRK: Dude you’re the man, you’re gonna meet the right girl soon! Don’t sweat the Elimination…

KASEY: Loved that all the guys backed you up tonight and said you were one of the most sincere guys who went on the show…You got a tattoo and came on a little strong but at least you’re real and were their for the right reasons.



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