Desiree Hartsock is currently starring in the ninth season of The Bachelorette. Tonight, Hartsock prepared to chose her final four suitors ahead of next week’s hometown dates in which she’ll meet the men’s families. The episode was quite eventful with three returning contestants, announcements of love (by both Hartsock and a suitor), and more. After the episode aired, we spoke with former winner Jesse Csincsak who let us in on a few behind-the-scenes Bachelorette secrets.

At the beginning of the episode, Hartsock sits down with a few ladies from her season of The Bachelor including Catherine Giudice who met and became engaged to Sean Lowe during the most recent season. During their conversation, Hartsock said she was falling in love with multiple people.

Is it hard to not fall in love with several people when being constantly set up on dream dates? Or do they really not love everyone but just have to say that?

They have to say they love all the finalist equally as it keeps the mystery going. As for bringing back familiar faces, producers are just trying to keep Sean’s relationship going even though everyone knows its a PR Stunt at this point…

During Hartsock’s date with Brooks, fans watched as she opened up about her strong feelings for him only to hear him tell the cameras away from the scene that he wasn’t quite there yet. Do you think as the Bachelor or Bachelorette, the person is so used to everyone wanting them on the show that a diss like that is even more devastating?

I think that Reality on camera is way different then reality in the real world. And that any guy that is really on the show to find love is just as into her as she is into him… If hes not that into her than he was there for the wrong reason… But I bet 90% of what we are seeing is all in the editing room!

Do you think that Hartsock’s decisions would be affected if she had access to what went down with her suitors in their suites and in their interviews?

I think if the Bachelor/ette got to see the Edited and UnEdited tapes prior to making decisions a lot of what happens would be way different but what we see at home is compliments of the ruthless Producers and not actual reality…

During the two-on-one date, Hartock takes Drew and Zack go karting  Why do producers love to make the suitors compete? Are they hoping to fuel the rivalry of also competing for a rose? How do the suitors get picked for the group date?

The Producers Pick all the dates and the characters on the dates they need 3 things for a good episode 1. Problem 2. Drama 3. Solution that will create ratings and get the show resigned because remember we are watching not a love story but a business selling ads on TV and thats the key.. If the show gets a high viewership then the network will buy it for more money and sell adspace / Commercials for more money and everyone makes money… Again its a big business!!

How long does the rose ceremony last from beginning to end around the time that there are just a handful of men left?

The night 1 rose ceremony takes almost 2 hours. By the time your down to final 4 it takes like 3 minutes.

When Hartsock sits down with Chris prior to the ceremony, she admits that she’s “at the finish line” with Brooks meaning that she is in love. Is it odd for the star to be in love so soon and for the producers to her revelation?

The Bachelorette never says I love you on camera as its for the sell value at the end when you see the engagement… But it does happen off camera in secret!! It’s all for the mystery of WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE after the show is over. They had me come back for an entire day and do voice overs = saying things they needed to put together edits to make things more interesting!

As a contestant, is it hard to realize that the Bachelorette may have feelings for multiple men and be developing a connection with others? How does that impact your mental state?

You have to just focus on you and her not anyone else or you will go crazy plain and simple.

In the end, Michael went home. Next up are the hometown dates. How much more complicated does meeting the families make things?

Meeting the families is always a drama fest as the producers make you ask the father for permission on the spot to marry his daughter…

The Bachelorette airs every Monday night at 8/7 on ABC.

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