Pro snowboarder and reality star Jesse Csincsak may be coming soon to a big screen near you. The “Bachelorette” alum (he was the winner of Season 4 of the ABC dating show) is in talks to host a documentary about a subject that’s close to his heart.

It’s no secret that Csincsak is gun rights activist. Last year, he made a cameo on the Discovery Channel series “American Guns,” and in the episode he and his wife, Ann, took a gun safety class. Now he’s ready to take the gun control message to a bigger audience.

Csincsak says he was approached by producers of the upcoming documentary “Assaulted” to be interviewed for the project, but since then there have been discussions on the possibility of him hosting.

“I am very passionate about helping support this project in any way I can,” Jesse tells us. “We need a documentary like this available to help present both sides of the gun control debate.”

He says he hopes viewers will “walk away with a more complete picture of this incredibly complex issue” and he hopes the documentary will “educate audiences on the impact of guns in our society.”

The film, which will be produced by Emmy award winning documentarian Kris Koenig, is expected be in theaters sometime this spring. You can find out more about the “Assaulted” documentary here.

As for “American Guns,” which was canceled by Discovery in December, the reality star says the timing has been sensationalized by the media.

“Like much of the information coming from the media on the gun control debate, the rumor that ‘American Guns’ was canceled because of the Newtown is completely false,” Jesse tells us. “Discovery’s decision not to renew the show came several weeks prior to the shooting. I feel this is another example of media sensationalism twisting the facts to further demonize gun owners.”

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