Jesse Csincsak is known for his time on ‘The Bachelorette,’ but fans are starting to know him for ‘Bachelor Pad Beatdown.’ This show airs on each week at 8:00 pm CST in the Oklahoma City area on Tuesdays live! You can hear opinions of ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ every week! If you miss it, check it out the next day on the site.

Today I asked Jesse a few questions about the premiere of ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ and how it went! Here is what Jesse had to say about this season:

What did you think of Gia crying already on the first show?

It almost seemed like Gia was into dating Jake?? Kinda weird.

Do you feel like Jake made a good choice giving the rose to Vienna?

Jake did that simply to not look like a wife beater like a last time! He is as fake as they come!

Do you think Kasey Kahl made a wise choice to go into an alliance with Gia?

Kasey is there for the money simple as that and everyone else needs to take the feelings out of it and get on the same page as Kasey.

What do you think of alliances we are already seeing form?

They will all change let the back stabbing begin.

Did they send the right people home for the first night?

I have a jaded opinion because I know which of these contestants are real and which are Back Stabbers I would have sent other people home!

Without giving out any spoilers, do you have any front runners in your mind so far of who you want to see make it to the end?

I would love to see Michelle Money win!


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