On Friday February 17, 2012, Jesse Csincsak of ‘The Bachelorette’ saved the lives of a mother and her son while they were out skiing in Vail, Colorado. Today I was able to speak on the phone with Dylan Arnold about his experience. Oklahoma City fans keep reading this story of a heroic save today.

Dylan Arnold, age 17, and his mother Hillary Skye were out enjoying a day on the slopes. Dylan has been skiing since the age of three and his mother is amazing on the slopes. Today on February 17, 2012, Dylan was on a snowboard and his mom was on a pair of skis. They were at Blue Sky Basin in Vail, Colorado when they ran into a rope that said not to go past it or there was no way back. It was not blocked off in anyway at all, but just simply had a rope and a sign. The two got turned around and ended up lost trying to find their way back.

Dylan and Hillary were lost for about an hour and a half before they saw a snowmobile coming their way. Lucky for them Jesse Csincsak found them and was able to help them find their way back safely. Here is what Dylan had to say:

“Without him, we probably would have died or be trying to find somewhere to sleep. We would have never found our own way back.”

Last year in January, Jesse Csincsak saved the life of another snowboarder, Thomas Pazerunas. He was lost on the back trails and was also at Blue Sky Basin in Vail, Colorado when Jesse helped him back to safety. You can read more about it on Channel 9 News out of Colorado.

It certainly sound like Blue Sky Basin in Vail, Colorado does not have their trails marked good enough to keep their tourists safe. This happens way more often than it should. Lucky for Dylan and Hillary, Jesse Csincsak was there to get them to safety. These two deserve free ski passes for life after going through such a terrible day.

Click to see the full story: http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-oklahoma-city/jesse-csincsak-saves-life-of-mother-and-son-while-on-ski-trip-vail