Emily Maynard is back and this time she is in the drivers seat. She will be trying to find love as “The Bachelorette” 2012. The show will start airing on May 14 on ABC in the Oklahoma City area.

Today I talked to Jesse Csincsak about his opinion on Emily as “The Bachelorette.” He said that he does not have any issues with Emily at all, but it is a bit hard to take it serious when someone gets on the show the way that she did it. Emily did a long interview with Chris Harrison saying that she did not want to do the show saying she hated the Cameras / Limelight and then she turned around and took the role.

Many media outlets, including Reality Steve, have mentioned that they are unsure if the single mother will go on the overnight dates. Jesse said that he thinks she should do it. It is great time to be away from the cameras and get to know someone. He said just because you are behind closed doors that does not mean something is happening. Here is another quote he had:

“I wouldn’t buy a truck to tow my snowmobiles around without taking it on a test drive first.”

Do you think we will see Emily Maynard on overnight dates?

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