Bachelor Ben Flajnik seems to be falling head over heels for Courtney Robertson — but cunning Courtney appears more obsessed with the cameras and the competition than finding love. Former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak — who was briefly engaged fo DeAnna Pappas — tells exclusively that Ben is heading for heartache with Courtney.

“I think if Ben falls for Courtney, he would fall in the same trap as every other Bachelor couple … broken up,” Jesse reveals to us.

Courtney is “all about the fame,” according to Jesse.

She is a “fame whore in my book,” he says. “I think she’s there to further her modeling career.”

If Ben is set on Courtney, there is one way he can test her true feelings. “He needs to make her mad some how,” Jesse advises. “You never really get to know someone until you make them mad. That’s when the true person comes out.”

BFFs — do you think Courtney is more into chasing fame than falling in love with Ben?

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