Now that the Sons of Guns season has ended, fans can find solace in the return of American Guns, which will feature, among other guests, an episode with Jesse and Ann Csincsak, of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fame.

Fans of Sons of Guns are no doubt sad to see the show end for the season, but another popular Discovery Channel reality show, American Guns, will be beginning its new season on Wednesday, April 25, in the regular Sons of Guns slot.

The Wyatts were introduced by the Discovery Channel to fans last season as the “typical suburban family who just happened to own one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world,” that facility being Gunsmoke, just outside of Denver, CO. The Wyatts—all four of them—work in the family business. Rich and Renee Wyatt own Gunsmoke, and oversee the buying, selling, building and trading of everything from hand cannons to hunting rifles. Rich is a former police officer with more than 22 years of experience in law enforcement, as well as a master firearms trainer and gunsmith. Renee runs the business, and does her best to keep Rich walking the business line when it comes to profit v. “wouldn’t that be cool to own?”

Kurt, 22, is Rich and Renee’s son, and an extremely talented engraver. This season, he will be expanding his engraving talents into painting endeavors. One day, Kurt, who qualified as a pistol expert at age 13, hopes to run the family business on his own, although Rich doesn’t appear to be anywhere near that point yet. Paige, 17, has worked in the shop during her summers and at nights/weekends while going to school, but this season she will be in the shop full-time, after completing high school. Her knowledge about guns is extensive, but, because of her looks and age, people tend to underestimate her—big mistake.

Fans can look forward to the Wyatts welcoming many people to Gunsmoke this season, including Jesse and Ann Csincsak—a couple fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will no doubt readily recognize. In an interview with the couple, Mandy Robinson, the Oklahoma City TV Examiner, confirmed that they will visit Gunsmoke and solve an issue about which they had been disagreeing: Whether or not it was safe to have a gun in the house with their young son Noah.

The Csincsaks took a three-day course taught by Rich at Gunsmoke, learning to safely shoot and handle a gun, including how to dismantle a weapon, clean and oil it properly, and reassemble it correctly. Taking the course relieved Ann’s fear of guns, and her complete opposition to having one in the home. And, not only did she successfully complete the course, she excelled, recording the fastest draw-time in the class, and beating Jesse in the shooting competition.

The Csincsaks’ experience at Gunsmoke will be the subject of a mid-season episode of American Guns.

The Season Two premiere episode of American Guns is set to air Wednesday, April 25, at 9 p.m. (ET) on the Discovery Channel.

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