Welcome to Belize.   This week’s episode of ‘The Bachelor‘ had quite a few break downs.  Lindzi gets a Blue Lagoon type date with Ben and they spend their date hunting for food caveman style.  They end the date by writing a fairy tale love note, putting it in a bottle and sending it out to sea (cheesy).  Nikki has break down #1 complaining that she needs a one-on-one with Ben.

Breakdown #2 was in full swing by Courtney after she becomes enraged at her ‘boyfriend’ for betraying her by giving Emily a date card.  Unfortunately for Emily, there was absolutely no on-air chemistry between them although viewers had to witness their disgusting display of tongue action (gross)!


When Courtney receives the final one-on-one date card, she tells the other girls “he listened to me.”  Noting earlier, that she better get a date card if he “knew what was good for him.”  On the date, Courtney makes Ben work for her love by telling him that she may have lost a spark.  Sweet and lovable Kacie B. gets a rose on the three-on-one shark diving date with Rachel and Nikki but gets our vote for Breakdown #3 when she opens up about her disdain for Courtney.  During the rose ceremony, Emily and Rachel are eliminated.

Next week we are off to the hometown dates!

1. Of the four girls left, who do you feel has the most chemistry with Ben when you watch them together on television?

Jessie: Well let’s see.  Who has gotten naked for him? Courtney.  Who rode him naked in the ocean? Courtney.  Who plays the “I-don’t-know-if-you-can-meet-my-parents” card?  Courtney.

Ann: Kacie B by far!  The funny thing is, I dont think he even has chemistry with Courtney.  They have a lot of sexual chemistry, but not the romantic kind.

2. Who do you feel has the least amount of chemistry with Ben?

Jessie: Nikki.

Ann: Nikki.  I actually thought she was going home and Rachel was staying!

3. What if Lindzi said “no” to jumping out of a plane on her date because she was too scared?

Jessie: It would have made their date a lot more interesting.

Ann: I would have pushed her in!  Just kidding.  I think they would have bullied her into jumping. Don’t underestimate the power of the producers to get you to do something uncomfortable if it makes good television.

4. Is she allowed to say,”no?”

Jessie: This is reality TV.  There are no rules.  The rules are what the producers say they are in that exact moment!  If one of the girls wanted to walk up to Chris Harrison and kiss him, they would let it fly if it created ratings.

Ann: Yes, she is allowed to say no, but they would have made it really awkward for her.  At this point, the producers are her “friends.”  I use that word lightly – it would have been like all of your friends making you feel dumb for something.

5. If Ben liked her, wouldn’t he still like her even if she didn’t do it?

Jessie: If Ben is a real man, he knows that women almost never do what you ask them (sorry, honey).

Ann: I think Ben is genuine enough that if she hadn’t done it he still would have liked her.  Do I think she is going to win the show regardless?  NO!

6. Are the stunts they do on the show dangerous or is it just made to look that way (shark diving, helicopter jumping)?

Jessie: People do shark diving every day in places like that and people jump out of planes from 4,000 feet in the sky not 30 feet over the water, totally safe in my book!

Ann: They are all things any tourist could do with enough money.  So, they’re definitely not that dangerous.  The show would be over if anyone died from one of these things.

7.  Why does Ben keep saying, “I could see myself spending the rest of my life with (insert the person he just went on a date with)?” Or, “I could be falling in love with this person.” We hear this after almost every date.  Is this true or a canned response?

Jessie: All those lines are done post show.  So after the finale, they make Ben and the winner go back and do voice overs, saying all the lines they need to fill in the show.  Those just happen to be the lines that they use!

Ann: If you watch closely, his hair is different in some of these shots and it sounds very generic.   They use clips from all throughout the season and paste them together (gotta love editing).  Aside from that, one of the main requirements to being the ‘Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette’ is being able to play ball with the producers.  Meaning, they have to say certain things on camera if the producers request it or sugest it.

8. Doesn’t Courtney “losing the spark” send a red flag that she may do the same thing in a relationship with Ben once the cameras are off and things get “real?”

Jessie: She got naked and rode him in the ocean, need I say more?

Ann: Yes, Yes and YES!  If she weren’t such a TV gold mine she would be gone by now.  This is the “bad boy” syndrome in reverse.  Ben is attracted to her because she plays hard to get.

9.  Are you excited to see how Courtney acts among her family and what they have to say about her?

Jessie: Nope.  I am pretty sure her parents are just like her – they think they’re better than the rest.  Sad, really.

Ann: No, I am sure her family is a lot like her.  If they aren’t, THANK GOD!  I would love to see her family put her in her place, that would make for good TV, but after her mothers article that came out I doubt that will happen.

10. Were you shocked at the outcome?  Emily going home and Nicki and Courtney staying?

Jessie: The only one who I thought would stay was Rachel and that Nikki would go.  Courtney will be in the final two.  She makes the show; otherwise no one would watch!

Ann: YES! I dramatically gasped outloud.  I actually thought Rachel would stay instead of Nikki.  Oh well.

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