Last night Ben Flajnik brought his 18 beautiful ‘Bachelor‘ contestants to Sonoma where things became more intimate and drama unfolded between the girls.  There was crying, cat fights and as Blakely said, “claws are coming out.”  The claws sure did come out when a bunch of ‘Bachelor’ contestants dressed up as fairy tale characters and preformed a play on stage for Ben’s hometown during the group date.  One-on-ones last night were with Kacie B. and Courtney Robertson.  Each girl received a rose at the end of their date. During the rose ceremony Jenna and Shawn left empty handed.  Next week the girls head to San Francisco.

Ann and Jesse Csincsak are back this week to answer our questions from episode 2:

1. Kacie B seems sweet, and down-to-earth but Ben says, “He trusts her.”  When you’re on this show, can you really trust someone after knowing them for such a short period of time?  How long would Ben have known Kacie at this point?

Jesse: This is week 2 so they wouldn’t really know each other yet.  By the time of the rose ceremony, at the end of the episode, they’ve probably only known each other about 10 days.

Ann: I wouldn’t give my ATM pin number to someone on the second date so I definitely wouldn’t say u can trust someone that quickly!  He’s only known her a few days and he’s hardly seen her in that time – way to quick.  But, this whole process is dating in fast forward.

2. Why do you think ABC took the show to Ben’s hometown?

Jesse: It’s very rare, but I actually think this was one decision they let Ben make on his own.

Ann: Every season they attempt to make the show a little different and make the bachelor stand out on his own.  By going to Ben’s hometown, it made him more relatable.  Therefore, better ratings and the girls get attached more quickly.

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3. Do you think Coutney is on the show for fame or to boost her modeling career?  Do you think she’s really into Ben?

Jesse: Totally for the fame in my book, but I’ve always said never judge someone by their edit.  Therefore, I will wait until I actually meet her until I make a real opinion!

Ann: Modeling and apparently an acting career as well – she seems to be fooling Ben pretty good.  I think she’s into what Ben and this whole show can bring her.

4. Why did Coutney appear so genuine while on her date with Ben and so conniving on camera?  Editing can only do so much.  What are your thoughts on this?

Jesse: Again, I see some “ok” traits but the editing room can really switch things up.  Plus, it’s not to hard to make someone look sweet and romantic on this show.

Ann: Wes Hayden had a made up girlfriend his whole season so don’t underestimate the power of editing.

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5. Do you think Blakely’s tactics of hogging Ben’s attention are going to work or will she eventually suffocate The Bachelor?  We still think that the producers have her playing the Michele Money role.

Jesse: She is totally stamped with the Michelle money role!  They always make someone go to the Bachelor or Bachelorette who already has a rose to take time away from someone without a rose classic producer move.

Ann: My prediction is she’s gone on episode 4 or 5.  How many times can u hide in the luggage room before it gets awkward?

6. I know you feel bad for Jenna but she claims to be a relationship blogger-that’s a little embarrassing given she can’t even form a sentence half the time.  Did Ben do the right thing by letting her go?

Jesse: These producers are getting that girl so drunk she can’t even talk without her face quivering.  This is a perfect case of getting someone wasted and putting them in a situation where they need to think = CRASH AND BURN.  This girl understands what has happened now, but didn’t see it coming then.  However, I will let you know if I smell booze on her breath when I meet her in the future!

Ann: Yes, yes and yes!  Guarantee Ben wanted to let her go episode 1 and production let her go episode 2.

7. What are you expecting/ hoping to see next week?

Jesse: This season seems to be a mix of previous seasons.  They are in need of some new things happening in my opinion.

Ann: His ex-girlfriend will show up and girls will get jealous.  Hopefully we’ll see more waterproof mascara cause it’s going to be a doozy!

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