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Last night on The Bachelorette, we said goodbye to Ben C., William and Nick, and their journey ended in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We also learned that our bachelorette needs closure with Bentley in order to move on with her other guys – and it even looks like he’ll be coming back next week!  Here’s what Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak had to say about the episode:


The dates seem to be more extreme this season.  Why do you think we’re seeing so many dates designed with disaster potential?

To be honest, this show isn’t about Ashley.  It’s about money and ratings.  They will chew up and spit out anyone to get both of these things.

Ames had a really tough time on the group date, but did his best to show he was a good sport by coming to the after-party despite his concussion.  Did you think Ashley was going to give him the group rose date for his efforts?

I think Ames is still there simply because he’s a nice guy and makes her laugh.  Other than that, I don’t see a huge connection between them.  So Blake getting the group date rose was no surprise to me.

Ashley listened to William’s analysis of Ben C. and said “adios” to the Louisiana lawyer without a second thought.  Should she have given him a chance to explain?

The fact that Ashley listened to pinhead William without question and didn’t listen to Michelle Money about Bentley absolutely blows my mind.  These are absolute 15-year-old girl actions in my book!

What was your take on her decision to send William home?

I think Ashley was totally right to send him home.  There was no spark between them and I was glad she sent him home.  His exit speech was pitiful!

Chris Harrison promised to “make something happen” for Ashley with Bentley.  Knowing what she knows now, do you think Ashley has good reason to be upset with Chris and/or the producers for encouraging the drama?

I’m sure Ashley is cursing herself for taking the money and signing that stupid contract.  She now sees how crooked the whole thing really is!

What about Bentley do you think intrigues Ashley the most?

Everyone wants what they can’t have; she can’t have Bentley, so she naturally wants him!

We all know Bentley’s not interested in her; what’s his motivation for flying to the other side of the world to visit Ashley next week?

Everyone comes to Hollywood for one of two reasons; for money or fame.  I’m assuming Bentley originally came on for fame and now he’s probably getting paid to come back.

There are a few guys we haven’t seen much of yet this season – specifically, Mickey and Lucas.  Is there a possible love connection with either of these guys?

I’ve always said the winner doesn’t get much camera time until the end, so who knows – they might both go very far.  Right now, I see a huge connection between J.P. and Ashley, but because he has gotten so much camera time so far I don’t think he will be the final man, unless we’re being tricked.

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