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Last night on The Bachelorette, Ashley said goodbye to Lucas and Ryan, where their journey ended in Taiwan.  In addition to finding out who the final four are – JP, Ben, Constantine and Ames – Emily returned to the Bachelor mansion to speak about her break-up with Brad Womack.  Here’s what Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak had to say about the episode:

The mood this week was certainly different; Ashley seemed much more serious and focused as she evaluated her relationships with the guys.  Based on your experience, is it the upcoming hometown dates that cause people to get more serious?  For you, was it difficult to introduce a woman to your family that you had only known for a couple of weeks?

At this point in the show, you have been there for over a month so your feelings are definitely growing fast.  When hometowns start production, it seems like they let you two be alone a lot without butting in.   There are still tons of cameras there but no producers ever pull you away to talk to you or her – they just let things be as organic as possible.  Intros to the family are huge – it’s a make or break time for both parties at that point.

They didn’t show any hint of what happened when Ben didn’t come home until the next morning.  Do you have any thoughts on why?

I think Ben will be one of the final two.  I am assuming they probably fell asleep snuggling, but they can’t show that to the audience because it would seem like not all the guys are getting the same amount of time with her.

Please discuss Ames’ fashion choices.  It seems like the producers are going out of their way to embarrass him this season – from the pink boxing shorts to his wedding attire this week.  Why would they intentionally do this?

First off, Ames is a ROCKET SCIENTIST, not a fashion guru.  Secondly, the show has a stylist, Karry Fetman, who outfits all the guys.  So he is doing it all on purpose for good TV.

Did either of the departures this week – of Ryan or Lucas – surprise you?  Why or why not?

I have a friend who is a body language expert, Stacy Kaiser.  Check out her weekly column in USA TODAY!  She has been explaining things to me – body language wise – and I saw the Lucas and Ryan exit coming along from beforehand.  Ryan was kept around for good TV.

Any theories on whose hometown date will be the wackiest?

Looks like in the previews that Constantine’s family is throwing what looked like money in the air???  Sounds like a party to me!

What’s your best guess at this point of the two men that will be standing at the final rose ceremony?

JP and BEN.

Do you think there was re-edit mid-season because they made Ashley look emotionally weak over the Bentley saga?

Nope.  I think Ashley is trying to please producers.  When she realizes how it will look on TV, she kind of backs off.  So it appears that way when we watch the show, but in reality she is just trying to please production.

Why do you think Emily came on the show to speak?  Ratings?  Producers influence? She’s the next Bachelorette?

Emily came on for 15 minutes – crying the whole time and saying absolutely nothing.  This tells me production did all of this and they are trying to make her the next bachelorette.  I am sure she will be paid well!

Given the romance with Emily is over, do you think Bachelor fans have seen the last of Brad Womack?  Do you think there is any chance we’ll see him sit down with Chris Harrison to tell his side of the story any time soon?

I think Brad is sick of the press, but I am sure he would return if he was paid the right amount of money.

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