Ashley Hebert and Constantine. Photo: ABC

Last night on The Bachelorette, Ashley met the in-laws of the remaining four men: Constantine, Ames, Ben and J.P.  As she traveled to the contestant’s hometown and met their families, her spark grew for some of the guys, while she questioned her love for others.  In the end, she sent Ames home.  Here’s what Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak had to say about the episode:

Constantine’s hometown date seemed so perfect.  Do you think he’ll be one of the last men standing or do you think it was edited to look that way for a reason?  Maybe there’s something more coming that will shock us?

I think Constantine will be the next to go home.  He has a strong connection with Ashley, but it’s moving way slower than the rest of the guys and I think that will be what gets him sent home. I don’t think there are any tricks about his edit, but who knows – I have seen crazier stuff!

Do you think it’s a red flag that Ben’s relationships haven’t lasted that long and that he’s only brought home one other person?

I’m not going to lie – Ben is cool, but I just don’t see Ashley moving to Central California to be a mellow wine maker’s wife.  I personally think Ashley would be better suited with JP or Constantine, but I am not her.

Do you think JP has a jealous streak that could get in the way of his relationship with Ashley?  Or will his lack of commitment lead to their demise?

Every guy has a point of jealousy.  It’s all about how much it takes to trigger that jealous bug.  I think they are going to get into some deep conversations next week.  Perhaps that’s what the walking out of the room scene will be.

Who plans the hometown dates?  For example, JP’s roller skating date?  Was that his own idea or did the producers plan that?

The producers do all the planning, but you can tell them what you would like to do – such as snowboarding or go on a horse and carriage.  They want it to be activities you would actually enjoy doing!

How nerve-wracking are hometown dates?  Is it true that this is the first time you are physically seeing your family since the show started?

When you go on the hometown dates, you don’t even get to stay at your house or see your family except what everyone sees on camera!  They make you stay in a hotel two miles from your house, so you can’t talk to or see anyone you know.  That’s why everyone looks genuinely happy to see one another on camera.

If the contestants can’t see their family, where do they stay when they’re home waiting for their dates with Ashley.  Do all the families need to sign a waiver stating that they can’t disclose the hometown dates before the season airs?  What’s the process?

All family members do have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the contestants even get to their hometown.  Once the fifth and sixth guys go home, the producers approach the contestants after the rose ceremony and ask them for the contact information of the person the bachelorette will be meeting on the hometown. Since the producers do it all, the guys don’t get a chance to tell their parents what’s going on.

Which of the remaining men do you think is best for Ashley?

Although I think Constantine or JP will fit her lifestyle the best, Ben is a great guy too!

Were you surprised to see Ames go?  If so, who did you think would leave this week?

I wasn’t surprised to see Ames leave.  Somehow, I just can’t see Ashley sitting by a massive indoor pool and Jacuzzi talking about how amazing Ames is for the rest of her life, or being driven around in a horse and carriage by the butlers until she’s 80.  But then again, that’s just me.

In next week’s highlights, there’s a knock on the door from someone who surprised Ashley by flying to Fiji.  Who do you think that might be?

I think the surprise is either Ames or Ryan P.

There is also a scene where her family doesn’t feel that one of the guy’s is right for her and it looks like she chooses him anyway.  Any guesses who that may be?

I think that has to be JP or Ben because it’s down to the final two when you meet the parents.

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