Ashley Hebert and Constantine. Photo: WENN

Last night on The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert put her best foot forward to move past the heartbreak of losing Bentley and traveled to Thailand with the guys.  Her relationships with Constantine, J.P. and Ben F. seemed to be on the fast-track.  And while the men questioned Ryan’s genuineness, Ashley said goodbye to West.  Here’s resident Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak’s take on the action:


It’s apparent the guys are aware of Bentley’s departure and its effect on Ashley.  From your experience, is it really that obvious to the other contestants when the Bachelor or Bachelorette has a special spark with someone in the house?

It’s super obvious, and that’s what makes certain dudes mad.  You have to go in there and tell yourself that you’re the only one, or it will drive you insane.

The gang moved from Los Angeles to Thailand in the hopes of giving Ashley a fresh start.  Did you find changing locations to be helpful in terms keeping relationships fresh?

Traveling with the show is fun, but is very draining at the same time.  You feel like you’re doing a lot for this one girl, so if you don’t get a lot of time with her, it makes it hard to want to continue on the journey.

Constantine impressed us with his easygoing nature, but it seemed like Ashley is concerned that there are only “friendly vibes” between them.  Do you see a future love connection for this duo?

I think that Constantine is a cool guy but I’m not sure they’ll last.  The guys that will end up friends will come out hard in the weeks to come.  Only time will tell, and Ashley’s questions with the guys will get answered.  The guys that don’t answer them will get sent home.

This week, Ames shined and captured our bachelorette’s attention, and she said he’s “different” from the others.  Is it a good thing that Ashley has separated him from the rest of the pack?

I think Ames will go very far (like final four) and I think he’s an awesome guy, but in the end will get his heart broken.  They’re too different.  She’s a small-town girl and he’s a rich kid who is well-educated and has traveled the world many times.

What was your reaction when Blake confronted Ryan?  Is the criticism of Ryan by the other men fair?

I liked that Blake called out Ryan.  It shows that he’s real and not afraid to say what’s on his mind.  I like guys like that.  I think that when the guys call someone out on something, that’s usually the truth.  There isn’t a lot of man drama that’s not for real.  Ryan’s drama will get him sent home eventually.

We saw Chris Harrison “bend the rules” during this week’s rose ceremony.  What do you think about these occasional changes to the process along the way?

Everything done on the show is all about ratings.  Ratings equal money, so anything they can do to make it different or interesting (aka Bentley), or adding a rose will definitely be done.

With Bentley gone, Ashley’s had to give another look and consideration to the remaining bachelors.  If you had to guess, who has the number one spot in Ashley’s heart right now?

I think J.P. and Ames are going to go far!

It looks like Bentley may be back on the scene soon.  Do you think Ashley will finally see his true colors?

This actually goes all the way back to casting.  When the show is cast, they pick people that will clash in a group situation.  It has nothing to do with Ashley – it’s all about good TV (come on, it’s fun to watch!).  They know this, and that’s why they cast these characters.  With that being said, Bentley is fun to watch, and I promise we haven’t seen the last of this villain just yet.

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