Jesse and Ann Csincsak


By Daniela Agurcia and Steven Zangrillo

When Former ‘Bachelorette‘ winner Jesse Csincsak treads deep into the Colorado woods, he should bring a few lotto tickets with him.  On Friday, February 17, the Breckenridge local was snowmobiling 15 miles in the middle of the backcountry in Vail when he came across a lost mother and her son.  Mother, Hilary Skye, and son, Dillon, had been stranded before Jesse came to the rescue.  This isn’t the first (or second) serendipitous encounter to sneak up on the professional snowboarder as he’s navigated the trails of the Rocky Mountains.  Last year Thomas Pazerunas had also lost his way 15 miles behind the Vail Resort with no cell service until Csincsak helped him.

As if playing backwoods Superman wasn’t enough, Csincsak also notably brought his wife, ‘Bachelor’ Season 13 contestant Ann Csincsak, out into the same backcountry chill for their first date.

Ann Csincsak. Photo: Jesse Csincsak

Meeting a new flame’s friends is hard enough in the first place… but on a weekend getaway in -10F degree weather?  Very bold.  Ann made it through without a hitch.  That’s the textbook definition of a “keeper.”  Ann is proud of Jesse for the lives that he has saved and when asked if he’s a hero Jesse says, “I’m paying Karma forward and would want someone to do the same for my wife and son.”  Looks like Ann has a keeper as well.

Jesse Csincsak, Ann Csincsak, Vail Resorts, Saves LivesJesse Csincsak. Photo: Jesse Csincsak

So, while it is definitely ill-advised to foray off the trail through the woods in 9 feet of snow, isn’t it nice to know that Jesse could swoop in to save the day at any minute?  Maybe the chances are unlikely, but it’s nice to see someone fusing star power and humility with such harmonious ease.  Be it first dates, hitting the slopes, or completing acts of heroism, it looks like the snowy ranges of Colorado are a place of serendipitous success for Jesse Csincsak.

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