This week, our favorite Bachelor couple and contributors, Jesse Csincsak and wife Ann, announced that they’re expecting a second child in March. The couple, who married in 2010, are excited to give their son Noah a brother or sister. “He is pumped to have a play friend,” Jesse says with a laugh. Noah will turn three right before the new baby is born.


As excited as the family is about the baby, Ann has had some difficulties with this pregnancy so far and  has been sick 24 hours a day. “We had to call in her parents to help out,” says Jesse. “Someone has to take care of Ann, while someone else runs our businesses and takes care of our son.” The mom-to-be experienced some discomfort with their first child, but the couple says that it’s completely different this time. “She had morning sickness during her pregnancy with Noah but only in the mornings. This is constant and has been from the start,” he tells us. “Not fun.”

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Could all this mean that a little girl is on the way? Jesse told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column that Ann was “secretly hoping for a girl to one day take over the fashion business she is building.”

For right now, the Csincsak couple doesn’t know the sex of the baby and hasn’t decided on any names yet. They’ll find out if they’re having a boy or girl in the next couple of weeks (Ann is in her second trimester), and they plan on filling us in as soon as they know.

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