By Lori Bizzoco

The drama shifted to Puerto Rico this week, where Ben and the remaining ladies visited the island of Vieques.  Nicki got the first date, but with a downpour of rain and no umbrellas, the duo was forced to do some shopping for “authentic” and dry Puerto Rican threads.  Ben gave Nicki a rose that evening.

For the group date, Ben took the ladies to the historic Roberto Clemente Stadium where they were divided into two teams and went head-to-head in a baseball game.  The winning team would enjoy a wonderful beach party with Ben.  Kacie B.’s team won and she got the group rose that night but directly following it, Courtney stole Ben for some first base play and fourth base skinny dipping talk.

The next one-on-one took place on a private yacht with Elyse, the same environment as where Ben fell in love with Ashley.  Unfortunately, “sick of being single” Elyse will have to suffer because Ben sent her packing.  After the one-on-one with Elyse, Courtney decides to “make good” on her promise to skinny dip, so she surprises Ben at his room.  The two strip for the cameras and the rest is left to our imagination.  At the rose ceremony, Ben admits that he feels “crappy” about what happened, Emily bashes Courtney again and the “best kisser” Jen is sent home.  It’s anyone’s guess what will happen next week.  Here’s what Ann and Jesse had to say about the episode:

1. After tonight’s episode, which two women do you think have the best shot at being the last ones standing?

Jesse: I think Kacie B, Courtney, and Lindzi have a good shot.

Ann: N/A

2. What did you think of Nicki’s one-on-one? The wedding scene? The rain? And most importantly, her neon nail polish?

Jesse: The only thing interesting about this date was the rain.

Ann: Nicki’s one on one was cute and seemed very relaxed.  She handled herself well with the rain, most girls would have ran for the first cover they could find (me included, due to having curly hair, haha).   As far as her neon nail polish, although cute, I think little things like that show peoples age and she is still very young in her actions and personality.

3. On Elyse’s one-on-one she said she was “sick of being single.” Do you think that hurt her chances of getting a rose?
What would you have done differently to secure a rose if you were her?

: I think if she said that to me, she would have been sent home. I wouldn’t want to be the “I-dont-want-to-be-single” choice.

Yes! She sounded very sincere about finding a guy but not sincere about finding BEN.  I think she forgot that she wasnt just talking to a girlfriend about her wanting to be in love again she was talking to a guy she was “dating.”  I think that was the exact reason she went home this week.  My one complaint with girls sometimes is when they ask “what they did wrong?” If a guy breaks up with you or ends things dont ask what you did wrong, thank them for admitting that they weren’t right for you.  They’re saving you time and more heartache.
I felt like we hadn’t heard a lot from her as far as her feelings for Ben until this episode and then all of a sudden she went in high gear to tell him she liked him…too much too fast.  I would have told him that I liked him and would like to see where this goes.  Not: I want to fall in love with whoever and you happen to be here.

4. Okay, we are dying to know your thoughts on the skinny dipping scene.

: Courtney is a skank. I bet Ben’s mom was pumped to see what kind of person she really is when she saw this!

: OMG!  The bachelor is gettin scandalous!  I am very surprised that Ben went along with this.  I know she is gorgeous and what guy wouldn’t be into that but I think the producers egged that on and he did it in the end because of production value as well as shock value and IT WORKED!  Courtney is the girl you have a fun fling with not settle down with.

5. Do you think Ben and Courtney had sex?  If so, how does this change the game for the other girls?

: Well, she was sitting on him naked in the water. I would have to go with 100% “Yes.”  As far as changing the game for the other girls, I don’t think it changes the game at all.

:  No, I don’t think they did.  I think he is too smart for that.  That would ruin the rest of his time on the show cause the other girls would find out and never let him live that down. It’s not ok to have sex for at least another 4 dates!  Kidding.  I guess it will be ok to let your boyfriend sleep with other girls when theres only 4 left.

6. If Ben really felt “crappy” then why did he go skinny dipping in the first place? Unless he picks Courtney in the end, won’t the girl he picked get pretty upset at that scene?

: I think the producers pushed that scene for the drama factor.

:  I think he just said that and maybe was feeling a little guilt because he has feelings for some of the other women. If he didn’t pick Courtney, I can guarantee whoever was watching that scene got very upset and that is going to be a game chnge whether they are still together or not.
7. Do you think Emily staying on another episode was something the producer’s decided or do you think Ben really picked her again?

: Plain and simple, the producers of the show picked her and are keeping her around.

:  Producers, plain and simple.  He obviously is getting annoyed with her but it makes for good TV, so she is sticking around till they can’t get anything else out of her.

8. Why was Jennifer’s departure so anti-climatic? Ben didn’t even say anything to her. It went from a great date to him kissing her before the rose ceremony tonight to a good-bye with barely any words and a cold embrace.

: Sometimes this show has moments where it makes absolutely no sense, and this was one of those instances.

:  Again, I think the producers gave him a small choice between one of the other women and Jennifer and he might have liked the other woman more and that’s why she left.  When it gets down to the end Ben has feelings for very few women, and the rest are there as fillers and drama.  Sad as it may be, that’s the truth and they wont know what part they are playing till they are cut from the show.  Jennifer seemed very sweet, I think it was too bad she was blindsided by that.

9. Anything you want to add?

: This was the most boring episode I have ever watched.