Red Velvet Stefanie, Bachelor Wedding, Cupcake DisplayRed Velvet Stefanie Cheesecake Jesse Csinscak Wedding

WE DID IT!! Red Velvet Stefanie & crew transported 200 cupcakes, a 2-tiered New York Strawberry Cheesecake, anniversary cake with black fondant details & 175 personalized cookies to Jesse Csinscak & Ann Lueder’s wedding from Los Angeles to Las Vegas!  It was by no means an easy task, but it was the most fun we have ever had catering a wedding!

Red Velvet Stefanie’s co-owner Jason and I left L.A. at 9:45 am (2 hours behind schedule) and arrived in Las Vegas at about 2:30pm.  We did pretty well on time even with our pit stop to In-N-Out burger on the way there!  When we arrived at the Rumor Hotel in Las Vegas, we quickly got all of the goodies put away in a cooler and opened all of the boxes!  Almost 5 hours in my little VW Jetta, with temperatures over 100 degrees, everything came out perfect!  I was so happy.  You would think that we were professionals…oh wait…:)

How did these desserts stay fabulous? We made a make-shift Red Velvet Stefanie ice box in the back of my Jetta with boxes, blankets and a heap of dry ice. With some careful driving and our our excellent packing, we turned this one into a success! Yes, Jason and I filmed our whole little adventure and, it will be up on You Tube within the next few days. It was quite hilarious!

Congrats to Jesse & Ann Csincsak, my favorite couple ever!

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