Former ‘Bachelorette’ winner tells exclusively that ‘Courtney’s heart is made of stone.’ Poor Ben better watch out.

Courtney Robertson will do anything to get Ben Flajnik to fall in love with her and declare her The Bachelor winner. Former Bachelorettte contestant Jesse Csincsak tells exclusively that Courtney “could care less” about really falling in love with Ben because all she really wants to do is become famous.

“Courtney’s heart is made of stone and ice — she doesn’t know what love is,” Jesse tells us. “This girl could care less about Ben, but winning Ben equals a career and that’s what she wants — fame.”

Ben isn’t prepared for the truth. “Sex sells. Period,” Jesse explains. “Ben doesn’t see it yet, but he will and it’s going to hit him like a freight train.”

“Courtney is like a robot,” Jesse adds. “She is going to do whatever she can to attain the final goal of ‘winning’ and not worry about anyone or anything until that happens.”

BFFs — do you think Courtney is capable of love?

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