Could Jesse Csincsak be the next Bachelor ?

Instead of waiting for Dr. Phil or The View to call, Jesse Csincsak (who recently had his upcoming wedding to Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas called off) got on the web and posted his feelings on the unexpected split. caught up with the professional snowboarder in Hollywood at the kickoff of Ubisoft’s newest video game Shaun White Snowboarding and got his side as to why he went public on the emotional wipeout.

Why go on to present your side? Why not just issue a joint press release?

Jesse: We were going to do that, but some people found out [before we wanted]. The easiest thing seemed to be to hop on the webcam and put it on I did it because I wanted to tell the fans what happened. [DeAnna and I] have gone our separate ways. I love her and I wish her nothing but the best. I felt that that’s what I portrayed on YouTube and I hope that’s the way it was taken.

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