Bachelorette Ali’s season is turning out to be a bust. Men are leaving the show left and right, plus Ali found out that Justin Rego had been contacting his REAL girlfriend in Toronto on the side. I guess the boys were right, Justin was there for fame and fortune, he already found love and her name is Jessica Spillas.

In next weeks preview, Frank breaks Ali’s heart after they arrive at the fantasy date.  What happens? Well according to spoilers, he goes back to his ex girlfriend but OF COURSE he has to go all the way to Tahiti to tell her. WTF? Thank you story editors. Bachelorette Ali’s going to need some serious therapy after this show.

Jesse Csincsak, winner of Bachelorette season #4, Now dating Ann Lueders from Bachelor Season #13 is giving Radar Online and fans the inside scoop on the production of the show. On his blog, he provided his own thoughts on the Justin Rego scandal. He says, “When you fill out the Bachelorette paperwork for the show, they have you fill out a form telling ABC all the past girlfriends that you’ve had for six months or more, since high school.” Which means of course, ABC knew that Justin Rego had a girlfriend, unless of course he lied.  Jessie goes on to say, “I have to say Chris Harrison is the man, he’s like the Grim Reaper of Love, you better be there for the right reasons or else…”

Astrochicks loved tonight’s episode in  Turkey. Definitely a more romantic setting, the backdrop was gorgeous and the Justin Rego scandal was fun. After that, the show became a big snore fest. I wonder if Mike Fleiss regrets he chose Bachelorette Ali over Tenley? After the hot mess of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s break up, maybe they should retire the Bachelor and just focus on the Bachelor Pad. Much more fun.

Only a few more weeks and we find out who Bachelorette Ali picks or anyone at all.

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