Chris Harrison Dishes On The Bachelorette Break-Up DeAnna & Jesse

The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, is telling the world that DeAnna Pappas broke-up with Jesse Csincsak because she is in love with Hollywood. He gave the scoop about the realtionship to the Los Angeles’ syndicated Valentine in the Morning radio program.

“This is part of the problem with DeAnna… she’s getting some really bad advice,” Harrison told the radio program about Pappas’ desire to relocate to Los Angeles, which Csincsak had revealed after Pappas announced the couple’s break-up yesterday.

“Unfortunately she’s getting this [advice] from people who are supposedly in Hollywood, like paparazzi guys and other people that she’s been running into who have filled her head with these dreams that she’s going to come to Hollywood and make it big and do all this stuff,” he added.  “I think her head’s getting a little bigger than it should and I think that’s led to this as well.”

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