Jesse Csincsak from season 4 of The Bachelorette is teaming up with Olympic speed skater, Apollo Anton Ohno in promoting mouth guards by a company called AgilityGuard. As Bachelor fans know, Csincsak is a professional snowboarder and has to have the best equipment out there for his sport.

Both Jesse Csincsak and Apollo Anton Ohno are talented athletes who believe in endorsing a great product when they use it. Mouth guards by AgilityGuard are designed for athletes when they’re on the field, slopes, or court. The Bachelorette winner and Apollo are associated with a product that successfully protects an athlete’s smile in case a bad hit or fall occurs. This happens often with professional and amateur athletes alike, making it a must have for anyone engaged in active sports.

Jesse and Apollo involve themselves in winter sports which require a great amount of balance and agility. The mouth guards even improve balance, which makes their endorsement even more reliable. To learn more about this great mouth guard, check out the site here.

Jesse Csincsak is one of the busiest members of The Bachelor alumni. He’s blogging for various media sources and hosts The Bachelorette Beatdown on RTVZone weekly. He organizes all of the Bachelor Reunions and continues to snowboard professionally as well as being a proud father.

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