Even if you do not like guns, you may want watch American Guns when it kicks off Season 2 on the Discovery Channel at 9 pm ET on April 25, 2012. Rich Wyatt is not just the heavily armed star of this reality television series, he is going to give you a new respect for firearms, something he calls, “the equalizer.”

Centered around the Wyatt family, American Guns isn’t a reality show based on fist pumping or handing out a final rose. The show centers around the Wyatt’s family business, Gunsmoke Guns, located Wheatridge, CO. Wyatt’s wife, son, and daughter not only star in the weekly show on the Discovery Channel, they are an integral part of the business in real life. (continue reading below)

Bottom line, these ‘reality’ stars know their stuff, and they may just teach you a thing or two about weapons that typically instill fear in those who don’t take the time to learn about them.

Recently, I had the chance to speak to Rich Wyatt about the show and, more importantly, about my fear of guns. With more than 20 years in law enforcement, Rich is a master firearms instructor and gunsmith who also teaches classes on how to properly use a gun.

He explained how important it is to be educated about firearms and said that his best students are people who are afraid of guns.

“A gun in your house is a tool. Used appropriately it’s a good tool.” – Rich Wyatt

As with anything, education is a large part of overcoming fears. Jesse Csincsak, Bachelorette Season 4 winner, spent months arguing with his wife, Ann, about her fear of guns. Jesse, a long-time gun user, finally convinced his wife to take Rich Wyatt’s 3-day course.

The result of Ann Csincsak’s firearms education? Jesse tells me that she was the “fastest draw in the training class,” using a Colt 45 like a pro. 

Jesse, who has years of experience with guns, also got something out of Wyatt’s training course, “I was doing things that were unacceptable. This was an absolutely insane course. It’s crazy how much people don’t know about guns.”

Jesse and Ann Csincsak will be featured in Episode 9 of American Guns. Sounds like Jessie may now be calling his wife “Annie Oakley” after her experience at Gunsmoke.

Watch a clip from an episode of American Gun here

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By Cheryl Phillps
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