Who will win Emily’s heart? Watch »

On the Season 8 premiere of The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard met 25 men and began her search for love and a father figure for daughter Ricki, 6. There were some definite standouts (Doug, a single father from Seattle, who got the first rose!) and bizarre first impressions (why did Travis show up carrying a giant ostrich egg?!)

Now each week, former Bachelorette contestant Jesse Csincsak is recapping each episode exclusively on Celebuzz.

Is Emily is really there for love? Which guy could potentiality win her heart? Check out Jesse’s thoughts below.

First impressions are very important. Who stood out and has the potential to win Emily’s heart?
I liked the skater kid [Jef, an entrepreneur from Salt Lake City] who owned the water company the most. He made a very cool entrance without really trying; he just rode his skateboard in, which shows he’s cool but not trying to hard. I like that.

Are there any guys you think aren’t really here for love?
Night one is tough to judge because most of what we see is all production factor. Night one is all about Emily picking her final four. The rest of the guys are just produced to help make the show interesting while Emily has a chance to get to know her final four.

When we last spoke, you thought Emily was just doing the show for the paycheck — not to find love. Has your opinion changed since watching the first episode?
I don’t think anyone wants to be alone, so I do think Emily wants to find love. However I do remember her going on camera saying how much she hated cameras and the lime light and media, so I think the main reason she agreed to go on the show was for the big fat check they gave her. Secondly, I think love was next in line, but I don’t think she would have done it if it wasn’t for the money.

That’s one thing most people don’t understand is that there are 20 cameras there on night one and probably 50 producers. They are always rolling. ALWAYS. They even have microphones on the wall, so if there isn’t a camera around, and you are talking about juicy stuff, they will hear it and send a camera to where you are.

What can the guys do to make it to the end?
Due to the drama around the Kalon, who showed up in a helicopter, he will be around a while for the drama factor. I hope the skateboard kid Jef sticks around a while seems like a good dude. And P.S. everyone, never judge a guy by his hair on night one!

What advice do you have for the guys who got eliminated?
You’re better off going home on night one. It will have less of a negative impact on your business career and personal life.

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