“Trophies don’t talk back.”

That’s how The Bachelorette Emily Maynard responded to contestant Ryan Bowers after he declared the single mother-of-one would be his “trophy wife” because “every man should believe his wife’s a trophy.”

The comment sealed his fate — and he was subsequently booted from the running.

Speaking exclusively to Celebuzz, the winner of the fourth season of The Bachelorette Jesse Csincsak weighs in on whether the “trophy wife” talk helped — or hindered — Ryan’s chances of ever becoming a future Bachelor.


“A lot of guys look at her like, ‘Oh she’s a single mom. She lives in a huge house, drives a$60,000 car and doesn’t work, which equals a trophy wife,” Csincsak told Celebuzz.

“Her ex-fiancés parents have paved the financial way for her, so that’s what happens when you’re on the gravy train of life. You get labels like trophy wife or trophy husband.”


Because of Bower’s foot-in-mouth comment, he does not have a “chance in hell” be ever be ABC’s Bachelor, Csincsak said.

“Although I would like to see him punch someone in the face on Bachelor Pad,” he quipped.

Next week, Maynard and her remaining bachelors — Jef, Arie, Sean, John and Doug – will travel to Prague.

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