Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak and Bachelor contestant Ann (Leuders) Csincsak will be appearing in a new kind of reality show. Fans of American Guns on Discovery Channel are in for a real treat as the reality TV stars appear to get their first guns from Gunsmoke.

I spoke with Ann and Jesse about their appearance on American Guns and also their decision to bring guns into their home for safety. I also talked to them about what it’s like to return to reality TV, but in a much different scenario this time. Find out what Ann and Jesse are up to, why they visited the Wyatt family at Gunsmoke and why this episode is a must-watch, even if you’re not a regular watcher of American Guns.

Guns and Families- Ann and Jesse Csincsak

As a parent myself, I was curious how they felt about safety and raising their son around guns. I also wanted to know what kind of history they had with guns. Jesse, like myself, grew up around guns but his wife was like many Americans today- skeptical and uncertain. Would the Wyatt family be able to bring this couple together on the issue?

I asked Jesse how he felt, as a father, about bringing guns into his home and he explains:

“Because they are the best tool for the job they were designed to do…

A car is a tool we use and is the best way to get from point A to point B but is dangerous in the wrong hands.

A Knife is a tool that is the best way to cut things at home but is dangerous in the wrong hands.

A Bottle of Draino is a tool that is the best way to unclog drains but is dangerous in the wrong hands.

A Gun is the Best tool to stop a threat of any kind and is dangerous in the wrong hands.

However, none of these things can hurt anyone just sitting on a shelf or not in human contact.”

Makes sense to me and I grew up around guns but convincing his wife, Ann, might have been a harder mission. Jesse says, “Ann and I never fought about anything in our relationship except having guns in the house.”

Ann tells me she has never shot a gun before her visit to Gunsmoke. So I asked her why she felt it was time to get a gun for her family.

“We really had both decided we needed to be able to protect our family for worst case scenario and guns were sort of the obvious answer,” says Ann.

If you’re going to get a gun, what better place than from the experts at Gunsmoke, right?

Reality TV Meets Discovery Channel

American GunsI asked Ann how this show was different from her previous experiences on The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

“The events you see on Wednesday are all very real. From the emotions to the way I truly feel about guns. The bachelor can be very contrived sometimes”, says Ann.

Jesse adds:

The appearance that my wife and I make on American Guns is gonna be very familiar to every home in America because my wife had zero knowledge of guns and was scared outta her mind of them; wanted nothing to do with them and I grew up around guns and loved them.

So whether you’re a single or married female, with or without kids, or are an avid hunter, this episode will be very interesting because lots of Americans are currently going through what Ann and I were before we went on the show.

So there you have it. Even if you’ve never considered getting a gun yourself or maybe you even have a fear of them or being around them, there is something you can learn from this episode. I can also tell you that fans of Ann and Jesse are really going to love seeing them in a new light with this TV appearance.  It’s real, unscripted, fun and at times, emotional. You don’t want to miss it.

Fear of Guns and Lacking Gun Knowledge in Our Society

I asked Ann if she believed there are many fears and preconceptions about guns in our society today.

“Yes especially with women,” she explains. “My new suggestion is for anyone who has a fear of guns to get educated about them. A lot of your fears would change.”

I asked her husband Jesse what it was like to return to reality TV.

“The only analogy I can give would be going through highschool for a second 2nd 3rd or 4th time you know what to expect and how to make it an awesome experience,” says Jesse.

I asked Ann if her view on guns changed after this experience.

“I walked into Gunsmoke with a complete fear of guns and walked out a gun owner,” she says. “Education is everything and that’s what changed my view on guns.”

I couldn’t agree more. Every time we hear a story about a child being injured by a gun or someone being killed by their own gun, it encourages us to think guns are bad. Education is crucial to gun safety and with knowledge, we do not have to fear guns. We need to respect that they are dangerous but understand that when used and stored correctly, they do not have to cause unintended injury.

Catch This Week’s Episode of American Guns with Special Guests Ann and Jesse Csincsak


Season four Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak and season 13 Bachelor contestant Ann Leuders (now Ann Csincsak) are finding themselves on a much different kind of television show.  The two met during a Bachelor reunion cruise and eventually married.  Now with a 16 month-old son Noah, the couple began to talk about how best to defend their family and decided it was time to learn how to shoot a gun.

Enter firearms expert, former police officer and fellow Colorado resident Rich Wyatt, owner of Gunsmoke and featured on the Discovery Channel series AMERICAN GUNS, along with his wife Renee and son Kurt and daughter Paige.  While Jesse and Ann both come to Gunsmoke to buy a pair of handguns, Ann is still not convinced.  After a training course, the couple is taken out to a field where they put their shooting skills to the test.  What comes next surprises everyone – especially Ann

Discovery’s American Guns episode “Double Barrel Cannon/ His and Hers Revolvers” airs Wednesday, June 27th at 9PM E/P.

Why should you tune in to this special edition? Ann says, “To see someone  who isn’t acting but had a true fear of guns and who now understands them and knows how to shoot with confidence and ability.”

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