VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – An Arvada woman and her son are crediting a backcountry guide for saving their lives.

On Friday Hilary Skye and her son Dylon Arnold mistakenly wandered into the backcountry beyond Blue Sky Basin at Vail Resorts.

Jesse Csincsak is well known for his winning appearance on season four of the Bachelor. He has also gained national recognition for rescuing people. He’s a professional snowboarder and is often in the backcountry snowmobiling. On Friday he was at the right place at the right time.

It was untouched, picturesque snow just out of bounds at Blue Sky Basin on the backside of Vail Mountain that lured Skye and Arnold.

“We decided to take a detour,” Skye said.


They were skiing in Blue Sky Basin on Skye’s birthday. They unknowingly skied into the backcountry beyond thinking downhill slopes would take them back to the ski area. But they didn’t.

When Skye and Arnold reached the bottom of the valley, they realized they weren’t where they wanted to be.

“We started getting a little worried,” Arnold said.

In the right place at the right time was Csincsak, who was snowmobiling with about a half dozen other people. He explained to the mother and son what they had traversed into.

“They legitimately thought there was a chairlift nearby,” Csincsak said.

It wasn’t Csincsak’s first rescue. He rescued another snowboarder in the exact area more than a year ago. He too had mistakenly taken a wrong turn.

Csincsak gave them rides for awhile and then helped tow them back to the ski area.

“They definitely were not out of their ability level. They just dropped into a zone they didn’t realize how dangerous it really was,” Csincsak said.

Had Csincsak not been there and had they gone in the direction they thought would lead them back to the ski area, the ending to the story may have been tragic.

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