Jesse Csincsak, made famous by “The Bachelor,” is still making the television rounds — and this time, he’s taking his buddies with him.

Csincsak and Breckenridge locals Jonathan Hershberger, Rob Catalano and Jeff Meyer are in Wisconsin, about 45 minutes outside of Milwaukee, helping a 17-year-old girl named Ashley live the snowboarding life.

Csincsak first helped Tara Weldon a teen on MTV’s “MADE” become a snowboarder on a show that aired in mid-February, 2008. Breckenridge Ski Resort ski school recommended him for the show, and at first MTV wanted a female coach, but two months later, they chose Csincsak. He had 16 days on the snow with her, spread over six weekends; this year, he can’t disclose the amount of time he has with Ashley, but Hershberger alluded to taking a month off of work.

“Snowboarding … is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle,” Csincsak said, adding that he doesn’t stay in touch with high school friends, but the people he’s met in the sport of snowboarding have remained in his life.

“Between the four of us, there’s no way she’s not going to be an amazing shredder,” Csincsak said.

In terms of the coaches’ biggest challenges, it’s simple: adjusting to the flat lands of Wisconsin and “training somebody on a trash dump,” Hershberger said, joking that Breckenridge Ski Area’s halfpipe is longer than the runs at Olympia.

But, they’re doing the show because they believe in the premise of “MADE”: helping people achieve their dreams.

This is the first time MTV’s “MADE” features four coaches — all of whom have greater control over how to coach the teen than ever before. The show will air in late February or early March.

Csincsak will also appear on “Beyond the Medal,” a lifestyle and entertainment show that will be available online and possibly be broadcast. Csincsak and his press manager Paul Colford are currently unable to provide further details.

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