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About Jesse

Jesse Csincsak was born an only child to Ted and Wilma (Monday) Csincsak, on April 3, 1982 in Oberlin, Ohio. Jesse’s parents knew that their son was an extremely active child so they put him in many activities to channel all his energy. Jesse participated in swimming and karate lessons. He also played soccer, basketball, football, baseball, ran track and even played the drums. He even competed on the wrestling team while in school. Then in the seventh grade Jesse found his life’s passion. Snowboarding.

After Jesse snowboarded for the first time he knew he had found what would truly make him happy. Snowboarding was all Jesse wanted to do. Jesse continued to snowboard after junior high and he competed in the Snowboarding Nationals for several years. Once Jesse graduated from High School he enrolled in Industrial Electricity at Lorain County Joint Vocational School and graduated top of his class. He had the opportunity to make this his lifelong career. He attended Lorain County Community College for one year but knew he couldn’t go back for a second year. Jesse told his parents he was moving to Breckenridge, Colorado to pursue a career in snowboarding. So at the age of 19 Jesse rented a UHaul and drove out of his parents driveway traveling five states away to follow his dream. During this time Jesse started the non-profit corporation JSAK Snowboarding, Inc. to help finance other youth in their snowboarding careers. He understood how it was to want to follow a dream but not have the money to do so. In searching for his dream he made it possible for other’s to follow their dreams.

After moving from home Jesse worked as an electrician and as a snowboard instructor at Breckenridge Ski Resort. He continued to compete and coach. He worked in the winter in Breckenridge and in the summer he worked at High Cascade, Oregon. He continues on his quest to help others achieve their dreams like him by promoting his non-profit organization JSAK. (Just Snowboarding Ambitious Kids).

A Busy Few Years

2008 – 2012  were a busy few years for Jesse. He landed the  lead role of snowboard coach for MTVs hit show MADE  and taught High School Student Tara Weldon how to snowboard in six weeks.

After his 1st  stint on MTV MADE with Tara in 2008 unknown to Jesse, his cousin Heather Csincsak submitted his name to ABC to be one of 25 bachelors on the Bachelorette. Jesse was the guy that the girl picked on the final episode of the Bachelorette seen by 12 million people on national TV.

November 2008 MTV also did a follow-up on Tara’s progress in snowboarding months later which Jesse was also a part of after being on ABC’s the Bachelorette.

Dec 2008 Fox Television called Jesse to pair him up with Host John Walsh on America’s Most Wanted to help solve the murder of Ben Bradley. Ben Bradley was a snowboarder that was murdered possibly for his rare snowboard. Jesse was glad to give America’s Most Wanted all the help they needed to solve this crime.

Dec 2009 MTV once again contacted Jesse and he agreed to do his 3rd MTV MADE teaching 17 yr old Ashley Bachman to snowboard in 6 weeks in the state of wisconsin. Jesse is now the only coach to date that has done 3 filmings of MTV MADE.

Feb 2010 Jesse shot a TV Hosting gig for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada working with the Associated Press on a show Called BEYOND THE MEDAL….

March 2010 While still in Vancouver Canada Jesse shot a special with 20/20 on the Bachelor Secrets Behind The Rose covering all the things you thought you knew about the show…

Aug 6th 2010 Jesse Proposed to his girlfriend of one year Ann Lueders a Bachelor Season 13 Contestant from AZ Jesse chose a nice quiet beach on Put In Bay  island in the middle of lake Erie near the town Jesse grew up in Ohio as his proposal location.

August 28th 2010 Ann & Jesse Filmed their TV Wedding in front of over 30 ABC’s The Bachelor Alum  and 150 of their closest friends at RUMOR hotel in Las Vegas….

Feb 2nd 2011 Ann & Jesse gave birth to their first son Noah Theodore Csincsak at Frisco Medical Center in Frisco Colorado.

November 2011 Ann & Jesse Along with Partners The Meyers opened up a Vintage Inspired Womens Clothing Boutique in Breckenridge Colorado called Vintage Sweet and Chic

April 2012 Ann & Jesse join Discovery Channels Hit Show American Guns to train with Gun Professionals Rich Wyatt, Renee Wyatt, Paige Wyatt and Kurt Wyatt on how to safely handle a Firearm.

Stay tuned for more info…


  • Profession: Pro Snowboarder / TV Personality / Retired Electrician
  • Years Snowboarding: 15
  • Certifications: AASI ( American Association of Snowboard Instructors ) Advanced Freestyle Certifaction also AASI
    Certified Level 2
  • Daily Meals: Jesse eats 5 small meals a day consisting of Grilled Meats, Steamed Veggies and Fresh Fruits…
  • He also Takes a daily supplement of Bazi Liquid Vitamins every morning…
  • Daily Workout: Jesse Mt Bikes about 10 – 20 miles a day and does 30 Pullups, 200 Pushups, 200 Sit ups a day
  • NO GYM NEEDED…. Make your lifestyle a workout…
  • Favorite Foods: Steak, Potatoes & Asparagus, Sushi, Italian, Thai
  • Ketchup or Mustard: Chili & Mustard together I love CHILI DOGS ( Pinks Hot Dogs in LA )
  • Favorite Drinks: Grey Goose & Red Bull Or a nice Cold Beer – Pale Ale
  • Favorite Sports/Hobbies: Snowboarding, Surfing, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking,
  • Snowmobiling, Traveling, Watching Movies, Eating, Cuddling
  • Favorite North American Cities to Visit: Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, NYC, Stratton, Stowe, Miami, San Antonio,
    Las Vegas, San Diego, Huntington Beach, Hermosa, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Salt Lake, Denver,
  • Spots Jesse Wants to Travel to: Fiji, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Alaska, Nepal, Patagonia, Brazil, London, Japan,
    Indonesia, Greenland, Switzerland, Norway, British Columbia, Antartica
  • Favorite TV Shows: Fantasy Factory, Dogg the Bounty Hunter, Nitro Circus, Man vs Wild, Extreme Loggers,
    Bachelorette, Mtv Made, Extra tv, Americas Most Wanted, Punked, Dirty Jobs, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Bully Beatdown
  • Jesse’s Favorite Breckenridge Hot Spots:
  • Drinks & Apps: – Blue River Bistro Dinner: – Modis, Briar Rose, South Ridge Seafood, Relish Dancing: – Salt Creek,
    Cecilias, Liquid Lounge
  • Jesse’s Favorite US Ski Resorts: Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mt, Aspen,
    Snowmass, Jackson Hole, Heavenly, Northstar at Tahoe, Mammoth, Mt Hood, Mt Bachelor, Park City, Snow Bird, Stratton, Stowe

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