His bachelor days may be over, but “Bachelorette” Season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak still has plenty to chat about.  On Thursday evening, Csincsak is opening up to fans via a public video chat on the Fring mobile app.

Fans who have a question for Jesse can chat directly with him– and according to Csincsak, he is game to discuss anything and everything!

Philadelphia area “Bachelor” fans can log in to chat with Jesse using any mobile device on Thursday, Sept 29 at 7:00 p.m.

You will need to sign up at Fring.com and add Jesse as a friend (username: Beatdownjesse).

To log into the video chat just click on the Fring icon on your mobile device at 7 p.m. and you can chat directly with the “Bachelorette” star.

Csincsak was in the Philadelphia area last month for a benefit for the Hamels Foundation. Other “Bachelor” alumi at the charity event included Jackie Gordon, Gia Allemand, Chris Lambton, Gwen Goia and Csincsak’s wife, Ann Lueders.

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